10 Best Exotic Pets Who Will Fit In Your Apartment

Who doesn’t love someone waiting for you when you return after a long day of work? Someone who offers you a lot of cuddles? A constant through times, good and bad? No, we are not talking about your S.O. We are talking about that cute, furry friend that you have been trying to adopt since long. We all love to own a pet, but we all have our limitations of space and facilities. But we have got the perfect loophole for you. 

Here’s a list of 10 exotic pets that are easy to take care of and they come with a fully loaded package of cuddles. But, you’ll still have to convince your family. 

Persian Cats

A fabulous breed of cats famous for their long, silky coat, these gentle creatures love to relax and are always on a lookout for soft surfaces to plop down. Although they are intelligent and playful, they lack curiosity that other cats possess. Persians are not the sort of cat that will nag for your attention. Talk about being the real divas. They enjoy being cuddled by humans, and also fine with spending time of their own. They need a considerable amount of care to groom their hair. If you need a sweet and serene pet in your apartments, a Persian cat will be a perfect companion. They are the lazy kind of cats who are not much interested in creating a ruckus, making them ideal for apartments.

10 best exotic pets who will fit in your apartment

Scottish Fold Cats

If you are on the lookout for a cute and active companion for yourself, a Scottish Fold cat would be an ideal choice. These cats are loved for its medium-sized body, unusual ears, and short and silky hair. These gentle, intelligent and docile cats will love to stay attached to humans, but will not bother you. They love to play fetch and to engage in whatever their human is doing. Their clever and inquisitive nature makes them adjust with any ambience and they keep themselves busy by engaging in activities when you are not at home.

10 best exotic pets who will fit in your apartment

Siberian Husky

This breed is already famous among pet-owners for its loyal, mischievous and outgoing nature. Siberian Huskies are graceful, medium-sized dogs with a thick coat, erect ears, and sickle-shaped tail have great endurance. This breed, that was originally developed to endure frozen expanses, ideally needs a cooler environment to live. While they require less efforts when it comes to hygiene, Huskies require high-quality dog food to maintain its healthy skin and coat.

10 best exotic pets who will fit in your apartment

Shih Tzu Dogs

Shih Tzu is a tiny and cute breed that weighs between 4 to 7.25 kilograms when fully grown. They are cheerful and affectionate buckets of cuteness that are ideal to be raised indoors. They will easily adjust to your apartment and require only basic exercise and general training. These dogs have an instinct of developing a close bond with their humans, and while they are okay to be left alone at home, and they will happily await you to be back home.

10 best exotic pets who will fit in your apartment

Golden Retrevier

Retrievers are one of the favourite dogs in the world for their kind eyes, loyalty, and enthusiasm for life. They were earlier used as hunting dogs but make for an ideal part of your family. These intelligent dogs with a thick undercoat and a water-repellent outer coat will get well with the hygienic up-keeping of your home, but be prepared to live with plenty of dog hair (I’m sure their cuddles will make up for it). These dogs are friendly with kids and are perfect as a guide and assistance for elderly persons. It is ideal to take these dog for daily exercise and thorough training. They should be brushed daily, washed monthly and nails trimmed once or twice a month to avoid split-hairs and foot problems.

10 best exotic pets who will fit in your apartment

Canary Bird

If you are fond of sweet and innocent chirping Canaries will be an ideal companion in your apartment. The bird makes an impressive voice of low tone, that can be heard when you are near them. Another thing that might make you look forward to getting up in the morning. This tiny bird doesn’t require any care, but be careful with the scattered seeds, vegetable bits, and pellets.

10 best exotic pets who will fit in your apartment

Pionus Parrot

This bird of the parrot family is popular for its quiet nature. This gentle and easy-going bird has a blue-headed or Bronze-winged Pionus. They can be kept freely without a cage as they would dwell in your interiors and balconies. If you prefer an enclosure for them, ensure it to be large enough to accommodate their size.

10 best exotic pets who will fit in your apartment

Image Source | Wikicommons/Randy

Yellow Tang Fish

One of the most popular saltwater aquarium fish, with attractive bright yellow scales, is easy to find and relatively inexpensive. It is interesting to watch them graze on algae in large saltwater aquariums. If you own a yellow tang, you should be aware that it can be aggressive with other yellow tang and surgeonfish if they are not introduced into the aquarium at the same time. It will go well with any other fishes in your aquarium but requires special care to prevent a disease called “ich”, that it is most prone to. Yellow Tang needs a tank with a minimum size of 55 gallons and should be fed with dried and frozen herbivore food.

10 best exotic pets who will fit in your apartment

Betta Fish

Betta, popularly called Fighter fish, is an exotic fish known for its attractive variety of colours, including red, blue, orange, yellow, green, purple, brown, and black. They come with an easily recognizable variety of fins with solid, bicoloured, multi-coloured, marbled, piebald, or variegated texture. Bettas should be fed with fish meal pellets as well as freeze-dried bloodworms. Male bettas shouldn’t be kept together as they will fight with each other, often to the point of death. Males may also attack females and should be kept together only for a brief time for breeding purposes.

10 best exotic pets who will fit in your apartment

Dutch Rabbit

One of the oldest rabbit species, Dutch rabbits are short and glossy with an easy to maintain fly-back fur. They love to hop outside their enclosure whenever possible. They are their happiest self when they are taken for a walk over some soft grass lawns when you will see them running and jumping high into the air. They have a gentle nature that goes well with children. Dutch rabbits should be fed sufficiently with fresh greens, quality hay and rabbit pellets recommended by veterinarians. They should be provided with plenty of water to drink and ensure regular exercises.

10 best exotic pets who will fit in your apartment

While the option to adopt them all is very tempting, tell us which fabulous friend caught your eye. If you think our list is incomplete, share with us your favourite pet and why you love them so much.

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