10 Items You Must Have In Your Makeup Bag

For most women, leaving without makeup is just as impossible as leaving without wearing pants. Makeup has become essential! A woman’s most important accessory is her makeup bag- the little pouch that holds every item she needs to look fresh throughout the day and night.

10 Must Have Items In Your Makeup Bag

For some women, that little makeup pouch isn’t little anymore. Buying bigger purses just to accommodate your makeup essentials indicates that you’re carrying around way too much stuff.

So, what are the true make up essentials? They might be slightly different for everyone, of course, but there are some old standbys you can’t do without- and the products you can reasonably spend some cash on, since their absence can break any look.

Here’s a carefully curated capsule makeup bag for you to create an everyday beauty look for weekend and evening twists!


Applying a layer of makeup over dry, parched skin is similar to painting the surface of a dreary desert floor. Moisturizer helps you get the perfect makeup ready skin by hydrating it. Even if you have oily skin, moisturizer should be the first thing you apply because it helps regulate oil production.


Primer not only creates a smooth and flawless base but also makes foundation application an easy thing to do. It is a silky and oil-free formula that mattifies shine and minimizes the appearance of fine lines and large pores. Primer works like magic if you want your makeup stay the same throughout the day.

10 Must Have Items In Your Makeup Bag

Foundation/BB Cream/ CC Cream

To get an even complexion; a foundation, BB cream, or CC cream is a makeup bag essential. If you prefer heavier coverage, a full-coverage foundation must be your go-to. If you prefer something sheer, go for a BB or CC cream.

10 Must Have Items In Your Makeup Bag


Eyeliner accentuates your eye shape as well as makes your lashes look like they are coming from a fuller base. Full or fine line, depending on your eye size & style, will give you the complete look you need.

10 Must Have Items In Your Makeup Bag


Applying mascara is an easy way to complete your look with minimal effort. Thick, long eyelashes are a makeup must. Mascara is a lower-maintenance substitute of fake eyelashes to achieve a sultry, dramatic look. It lengthens, thickens and separates lashes, depending on which one and how you use.

10 Must Have Items In Your Makeup Bag

Set Of Makeup Brushes

Your face is the canvas, and makeup brushes are the tools you need to paint a masterpiece. Using a makeup brush keeps your hands off your face, keeping your face clean and free from dirt, oil and bacteria that can cause breakouts. Different makeup brushes serve different purposes. Choose the ones you need the most.

10 Must Have Items In Your Makeup Bag

Eyeshadow Palette

A touch of eyeshadow is necessary for highlighting the bone structure of the eye and drawing light into the area to make the eyes look more expressive. It is likely to not use every single shade in a massive eyeshadow palette every day, so take the minimalist approach and go for the one with a thoughtfully designed, neutral palette. A bit of shimmer and neutral shades that you can use daily!

10 Must Have Items In Your Makeup Bag


A hint of color on your cheeks with blush is one of the quickest ways to bring life and youth back to the face. It gives you that rosy-cheeked, healthy look and you are good to go. Generalized guidelines say that the lighter your skin, the paler your blush should be. Women with fair complexions usually look best in pink while wine or burgundy accentuates darker skin.

10 Must Have Items In Your Makeup Bag


Polished lips can complete an overall makeup look or stand out alone as attention-seekers. No matter what your skin tone or style is, you always wear something on your lips. Whether you’re in the mood to go bold or simply want a sheer tint of color, a bit of lipstick can help pull your look together.

10 Must Have Items In Your Makeup Bag


Nobody is born absolutely perfect, your face has blemishes and imperfections, like dark spots, scars or dark circles under your eyes. Concealer makes those blemishes fade, if not disappear completely. Concealer comes in liquids, creams and sticks. There are a variety of shades, and you should make sure you find the one that best matches your skin tone. The generalized way is to go a half to one shade lighter than your skin tone.

10 Must Have Items In Your Makeup Bag

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