10 Weird Habits That Are Actually Good

Everyone has a quirk or two. But can a weird habit be actually good for you? Well, if you’re to believe the studies, then yes, your weird habits can actually prove beneficial… in some cases! So, without waiting any further let’s take a look at such 10 weird habits that are actually good!

10 Weird Habits That Are Actually Good


10 Weird Habits That Are Actually Good

Most people consider cursing a bad habit and shun people who indulge in it but, here’s the good news for everyone who curses frequently. Science says that cursing helps you with pain and makes you more tolerant to pain in the long run. Cursing can help you feel better about everything in your life after all!

Eating Extra Spicy Food

10 Weird Habits That Are Actually Good

Most people who eat spicier food, have a comparatively longer life span, a research journal found. Capsaicin, which is a compound found in hot peppers, can help relieve inflammation, help improve your gut health and metabolic status.

Biting Your Nails

woman in gray sweater holding her face

Nail biting is really looked down upon, but some of us just can’t help it. But now you don’t have to. Nail biting can help improve your immunity. Studies have found that kids who would nibble on their nails were less likely to contract allergies, and had a much stronger immune system overall. It is probably because of the exposure to germ in your nail beds which helps in boosting your immunity. So, bite away!

Drinking Alcohol

woman in silver v neck long sleeved dress

Yes, alcohol in great quantities is bad for you. It can lead to alcoholism which has several health deficits like liver cirrhosis. But science shows that once in a while, it can give you a memory boost, reduce the stress and also reduce chances of acquiring certain conditions like heart disease, diabetes and dementia. Take this as a sign to go and drink (but obviously in moderation).

Talking To Yourself 

young ethnic woman looking at mirror

A lot of people talk to themselves. Yes, it is considered crazy behaviour but maybe it’s not that crazy after all. Studies have found that people who talk to themselves can express emotions more clearly and are more in control of themselves and their actions than people who don’t talk to themselves. It can help people to think from a different perspective while detaching from themselves. Huh, maybe not that crazy after all!

Playing Video Games

a woman playing a video game

I know parents have been prohibiting you from playing video games all day but here’s the good news! But, science shows that video games could actually be good for you. Video games have been used for pain relieving therapy. People experience less pain if they’re engaged in activities that consumes a lot of their mind. It also increases reflexes and hard I coordination. Probably don’t play it all day though.

Being Messy

10 Weird Habits That Are Actually Good

Your messy desk, which your boss does not like might not be that bad after all. Being messy can be a great booster for productivity and creativity. It is proven that people with tidy and messy rooms have the same number of ideas but people with messier rooms had more creative ideas. So, the next time you are designing your cool video game or painting your favourite painting, try not to clean up!


10 Weird Habits That Are Actually Good

Gossiping is bad but we all love it! It is considered bad behaviour in friendships and work spaces but it could have a psychological reason. It could help in promoting friendship with other people improve and cooperation and also in learning more about other people’s cultures. It can also make us feel better by relieving stress and tension. It can also all foster group sentiment to sustain cooperation. So, now you can feel less guilty of gossiping about your bitter classmate. 

Not Washing Your Hair Regularly

faceless woman with glass near shabby metal garage wall

We like when our hair looks good. A lot of people wash their hair daily but it might do more harm than good. Due to regular washing of your hair, it might lose a lot of its essential oils which can make the hair extremely dry and brittle. It can lead to hair fall and thinning out of your hair. Washing your hair is great but skipping some washes is greater.

Tongue Scraping

man in white crew neck t shirt sticking his tongue out

Other than doing your everyday tongue scratching, investigating what’s new with your tongue is a great method to check in with your body. The progressions in shading, covering and even spaces on your tongue can give you experiences into what’s new with your wellbeing. It’s a quick and simple step to add to your oral hygiene routine. It can keep your mouth fresh, clean and perfect!

Now that you know all about these weird habits that are actually good, are you going to pick up any? Don’t forget to share it with us in comments.

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