5 Lesser Known Plant Based Milks That Taste Better Than Original!

Whether you’re vegan, lactose-intolerant, or just want to try something other than regular milk, plant based milks offer a boost of health benefits and, in our opinion, taste much more exotic than cow milk. Using fruits, nuts, or cereals, these beverages can amp up your recipes when added in the right amount, and make others wonder, “what was that thing (s)he added to the pasta? I love it, but I can’t pinpoint what it exactly was”. So, without further ado, we present to you a list of our 5 favourites, lesser-known plant-based milks that are, for one, easy-peasy to make and, for two, delectable and delicious!

Which Plant Based Milks Should You Try?

Cashew Milk

From Hazelnut To Rice – 5 Lesser-Known Plant Based Milks You Need To Make!

Okay, we agree that almond milk is amazing. But have you tried making cashew milk?  Loaded with replenishing nutrients and saturated fats, this non-dairy, super-creamy milk does not even need a sweetener, but you can add maple syrup, honey, or dates if you please. 

To make cashew milk, soak a cup of those nuts in water for 4 hours overnight. When soaked, rinse them till the water runs clear. Add them to a blender with 2 cups of water and anything else you want(honey/cinnamon/black pepper/salt). Run the blender for around 2-4 minutes. If the milk is creamier than you want, add two more cups of water. Strain if you desire. You’re all set! Refrigerate the milk and it should keep for 4 days. You can heat it in a saucepan, too. But always make sure it’s still good before you use it. 

Rice Milk

From Hazelnut To Rice – 5 Lesser-Known Plant-Based Milks You Need To Make!

Let us all take a moment to admit how much we love rice, and how bland life would be if this grain wasn’t grown by our ancestors and passed down to us. 

So you’ve tried nut milks but found them too creamy. Rice milk is your answer. 

What does this vegan milk need? Um, rice and water. And anything else you want in your milk. 

To start, cook the rice as you normally would. We recommend long-grain white rice but feel easy to go brown. Once the rice is cooked, toss it into a blender and add water, maple syrup or dates, and anything else you want. Run the blender. After a minute, check to see the consistency of milk and experiment with the quantity of water. When it’s made, strain using a cheesecloth for even texture.

Rice milk, when refrigerated, will keep for 5 days. You can also try adding vanilla or cocoa. Dealer’s choice. 

Hazelnut Chocolate Milk

From Hazelnut To Rice – 5 Lesser-Known Plant Based Milks You Need To Make!

Nutella in a mug? GIMME GIMME GIMME!

Hazelnut chocolate milk is incredibly easy to make and our favourite from this list for obvious reasons. It’s also healthy, unlike our buddy Nutella that’s loaded with palm oil and refined sugar. Petition to declare this the BEST alternative milk, anyone?

To make hazelnut choco milk, soak 1 cup of hazelnuts overnight. In the morning, blend these with 3-3.5 cups of water(whichever consistency you like) for 3 minutes in a blender. Now, strain this milk using a cheesecloth. Toss the strained milk in the blender again and add dates/date syrup/maple syrup and a spoon of cocoa powder. Blend again. When done, take a little amount in a cup to taste and alter as needed. You can also add vanilla to make it dreamier. This milk keeps for 4 days in the refrigerator, but we don’t think we’re gonna let it last too long!

Banana Milk


So you have nut allergies, don’t like chocolate much and just want to include q fruit in your diet. Banana milk is the way to go. This might be the simplest and healthiest plant-based milk we’re mentioning today – needing only two ingredients and retaining all fruit nutrients. Banana is naturally sweet, so our finished product does not need a sweetener. What’s more? It takes less than a minute!

To make this delicious fruit milk, freeze one ripe banana for an hour. This is because banana milk gives away when heated(which happens in a blender). If you forgot to freeze it, just add some ice cubes to the blender. Now, add one cup of water(lesser if you’re adding ice cubes) and the ripe banana slices to your blender. Run it for 45 seconds and drink. 

Yes, banana milk definitely doesn’t perform well in storage, so make it when you wanna drink it. With a process as simple as this, you can’t complain!

You can also add nut butter, chia seeds, maple syrup, and other things if you fancy. We enjoy it just the way it is, though. 

Coconut Milk


Okay, not as uncommon, but definitely underrated. Apart from being one of the best things you could add to your DIY face and hair masks, coconut milk is also the best possible addition to your recipes!

Asian food or your pasta sauces, this milk provides an exotic flavor that will transport you to the beach life. And it’s incredibly easy to make and master. 

Toss thin grated coconut and water into a blender and blend for 2 minutes or more. Strain with cheesecloth. Now, add the pulp to the blender again, and put some more water. Blend, strain, repeat. You can do this 3 times to get the most out of your coco. This milk keeps for 4 days in a refrigerator and you can freeze it for around 2 months. 

We love adding coconut milk to pasta recipes that traditionally use peppers. 

Do you think any other non-conventional plant based milks needs to be on our list? Tell us below!

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