7 Abandoned Places In The World That You Can Visit!

It’s human nature to do things that are told not to do, I mean, it’s nothing to brag about, everyone should be smart enough to understand that there is a limit to everything, right? So, if you are told not to do something which has a solid reason behind it, I believe, you should be smart enough to understand that or find a good solution to it before doing it anyway, the type of solution where the result is usually positive!

Well, what I’m trying to hint at here is about a few abandoned places in the world that people ask not to visit, however, the curiosity of humanity often compels them to do such a thing. So, if that is the case, let us tell you a few abandoned places in the world that is not that bad to visit, I mean, this way you will be able to avoid a few places but will be able to calm down that urge to visit abandoned places by going to these, I mean, it should be abandoned, right? That’s the criteria, right? So keeping that in mind, here we are with 7 abandoned places in the world that you can check out!

Dome Homes, Florida

abandoned places in the world That You Can Visit!
Wikimedia Commons / Bill Koplitz

The name sure is quite unnatural, probably because the place itself is something far from normal. Dome Homes in Florida are not so different from its name as they are literally these dome-type structures that were made on pillars standing on water. These unique structures were made for the purpose of tourism near Marco Island in Cape Romano in Florida, however, the hurricanes and declining coastline made it difficult for the Dome Homes to go up and running which eventually led to abandoning the place.

Craco, Italy

abandoned places in the world That You Can Visit!
Wikimedia Commons / Maurizio Moro5153

This one looks more of a scene from a medieval era movie, probably because this town was established in 540 AD! The structure looks straight from a fairy-tale with the houses being built on the top of the hill, however, the experience of living here is not that fairytale-like as the geographical barriers that this place has to offer to anyone living here become the very reason for it being abandoned in the 1990s. The place is full of landslides, floods, and is highly unstable, with limited agricultural resources too, acted as a cherry on top for this place to get ruined.

Kayakoy, Turkey

abandoned places in the world That You Can Visit!
Wikimedia Commons / Alexey Komarov

Turkey sure is a beautiful country that one should visit once in their lifetime, and this place should surely be on the list of places that one should go if having a trip to Turkey. The place is full of houses that rest on the Taurus mountains in Kayakoy town, however, some 350 houses were abandoned in the 1920s, a political population exchange with Greece being the reason. The place is well known in Turkey and sure has a place in the list of places that were abandoned.

Danvers State Hospital, Massachusetts

abandoned places in the world That You Can Visit!
Wikimedia Commons / John Phelan

A little spook for the list! Well, yeah, this one has its fair share of haunted stories regarding the patients haunting this abandoned hospital in Massachusetts. It was a mental asylum that was opened in 1878, and guess what, not only it was a mental asylum for mentally unfit people but also, those people were criminals. However, the hospital lacked the required number of staff and with the number of patients increasing, the working became lethargic and the hospital was ultimately abandoned!

Varosha, Cyprus

abandoned places in the world That You Can Visit!
Wikimedia Commons / Julian Nyča

Everyone likes a relaxing beach with a beautiful view of the deep blue ocean touching the sky, Varosha, a tourist area was one such spot which was famous for its beach views, not even ordinary people but it even often attracted celebs, however, the Turkish invasion in 1974 left the people with the fear of being massacred anytime. The result of which was obviously that the people gradually left the place and till date, the place remains abandoned.

Wonderland Amusement Park, Beijing

China would have had a Disneyland-like structure of its own if this amusement park would have been still running, but it’s not. The huge project was a much-anticipated amusement park that was being built in Beijing, China, however, the huge cost became the very reason for the place to be left half constructed. Now the area is used by locals to grow crops however talks about its being demolished and turned into a shopping complex is in the air.

Hotel Del Salto, Columbia

abandoned places in the world That You Can Visit!
Wikimedia Commons / Harrysaurio

A hotel with the view of a huge waterfall is the dream of every visitor, right? Well, a luxury hotel in the city of San Antonio del Tequendama, made in the 1920s tried to accomplish this and somewhat succeeded as well. However, the Tequendama Falls Hotel was soon abandoned as the river was contaminated due to which the number of visitors declined. Now the hotel is abandoned but I would like to give a fair warning before you think you should visit it, try visiting it from the outside only as first of all the structure is old so going in would not be that safe, but other than that, people also say it’s haunted!

Well, these were a few places that are well known for being abandoned that you can visit if you want. Avoid the places that have a bad reputation however, I mean, they were abandoned for a reason, right?

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