7 Beautiful Places That Were Animated In These Iconic Anime!

Weebs, without a doubt, will agree with me when I say that anime manages to put out some of the most aesthetically pleasing places as part of their visuals! Of course, all the involved elements are always strong but the way the sceneries up the game for an anime’s panelist, I’m sure they must be one of those responsible people who really do value and are thankful for the earth’s natural beauty.

Now, this might come as a surprise to many of you, but a number of sceneries that we see in an anime are often a mildly modified replication of an actual place. Yeah, no kidding! The earth that is so poorly treated these days does have some places that will blow your brains, especially the anime lovers because come on, I mean a place straight out of an anime? Or, technically a real place animated in an anime. But who are we kidding? Anime lovers will still see it as a place out of an anime..! You get the point, right? These destinations are a literal heaven for not only the anime lovers. This also includes anyone who loves traveling because, of course, they are astonishing to visit. The testimony of this are the famous anime scenes that were inspired by them, and gained popularity for their beauty! So, without wasting more time, let’s take a look at these beautiful places that were animated in these iconic anime!

Suga Shrine, Tokyo

7 Beautiful Places That Were Animated In These Iconic Anime!
Wikimedia Commons / Hisagi

Spoiler for anyone who hasn’t watched ‘Your Name’ yet (Also, why haven’t you?). And you lot who can’t stop raving about it; remember that place towards the end where Taki and Mitsuha finally meet? Yes, the one where we all were crying our eyes out? Well, that place exists for real! Suga Shrine is in Tokyo and the iconic scene that becomes one of the posing goals for couples is very much similar to the real one. With all the iconic settings, like those stairs and the red railing being an exact copy, they only made a few changes with the greenery and the houses in that scene. In short, now you know where to go with a red ribbon for a pic. You’re welcome!

Chichibu, Saitama

7 Beautiful Places That Were Animated In These Iconic Anime!
Wikimedia Commons / Ocdp

Well, this one will be a treat for the AnoHana fans who are probably still emotional because yeah, that movie did leave a bittersweet scare. It is one of the movies that have a plot strong enough in itself that it’s beautiful but still asks you to get ready for an emotional roller coaster no matter how many times you visit this anime. I mean, no point in expanding on that but this place, Chichibu, is what served as the reference to many places from the anime. Especially the Ogawa Elementary school- Shimozato Branch which is in the Sintama Prefect. Chichibu was also a reference point for a few scenes for another anime, that is Anthem of the Heart.

Aogashima Island, Tokyo

7 Beautiful Places That Were Animated In These Iconic Anime!
Wikimedia Commons / MUK

Okay, we have one more from ‘Your Name’, in case you are someone who loves the kind of supernatural stuff that happened in this movie during the shrine visit, this one will surely interest you. The mountain from the shrine scene is actually taken from a real volcanic island. It is in the south of Hachijojima. The anime was correct about the remoteness of that place, because it is pretty far for real and you will either need a helicopter or an airplane to visit it.

Kozushima, Tokyo

7 Beautiful Places That Were Animated In These Iconic Anime!
Wikimedia Commons / Michael Tsutsui

‘Weathering with you’ was one of the most emotional yet beautiful movies that not only made us cry the whole time but also gave us some pretty beautiful places to look at. Tokyo does have a lot of islands that you will love to visit because of the view but this particular one was an inspiration for our dear Hadako’s hometown. Kozushima was used in a few scenes but those were enough to give us a glimpse of why Hadako’s hometown was such a beauty. The scenes involving the port and the water are a direct replica of this island, including the village.

Lake Suwa, Nagano

7 Beautiful Places That Were Animated In These Iconic Anime!
Wikimedia Commons / 雷太

I swear, it’s the last one from ‘Your Name’ but then it just is so unavoidable to not include these places keeping in mind the success of this anime due to scenes like these, right? Well, this one, of course, is special again because this lake is that very lake which was in the movie, that lake in Itomori. The place is very much similar to how it’s shown in the anime from the beautiful Japan Alps to the wholesomeness of that huge yet beautiful lake. However, the real place does have a few more buildings and civilization. Anyways, they did managed to replicate the serenity of the place.

Nordlingen, Bavaria, Germany

7 Beautiful Places That Were Animated In These Iconic Anime!
Wikimedia Commons / Helmlechner

Yeah, let’s do a bit change of places. I know a lot of you are gonna go crazy as soon as I tell you that this very place is a direct reference for the setting of Paradise Island houses from the Attack On Titan! Yes, this place exists for real! This city from Germany is actually walled. Once you take a tour of the streets and houses, there is a one hundred percent chance that you will encounter other AOT fans roaming in a survey corps hood clicking pics. This will eventually lead to a gathering singing the AOT anthem Sasagyo, obviously, duh! I mean, that’s what I would have done.

Iwate Prefecture

7 Beautiful Places That Were Animated In These Iconic Anime!

Haikyuu fans, get ready to book your tickets for this one because Iwate Prefecture is the very inspiration for the entire Karasuno town and their high school! Yes, in other words, pack your Haikyuu jerseys and your volleyball, and visit it right now. There are many similarities as this was done as a sign of respect shown to the Iwate prefecture as this is the town where Hauichi Furudate was born and completed his high school. 

So, these were some of the popular places that were animated in some iconic anime, and served their purpose to the best because, all of these places actually left a mark on the viewers, right?

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