7 Curious Bride Traditions Around The World!

Some people love the idea of marriage while some people simply love attaining them, right? I mean, all around the world, there are probably a thousand ways and customs that are performed in a marriage that depends on various cultures and believes! But some of the unusual wedding traditions are sure the ones that stand out the most!

 Every culture has its own way to mark the bond of two people while some prefer a simple way to let the two individuals live together, on the other hand, there are various other ways that include some of the strangest customs! So keeping that in mind, we thought that for today, we would take a look at some of the most curious bridal customs around the world!

Kissing the bride!

7 Curious Bride Traditions Around The World!

Of course, kissing the bride is one of the most popular and sweet traditions but only when the groom does that, it does not apply to the rest for the guest, right! Well, this one tradition in Sweden goes a bit otherwise! According to the tradition the if the groom leaves the gathering, all the male guests at the wedding can kiss the bride! What? Yeah, well definitely a curious one right! The same goes for if the bride leaves the gathering, I mean, they should really just stick till the end is the aim here!

Crying practice!

I mean, we get it that marriages can be an emotional time for brides but making them practice to cry perfectly is sure a different tradition, to begin with! China has a tradition that they do in their marriages where they believe in making the bride practice to cry so that she can cry perfectly at her wedding! Obviously, the intention is positive here but the bride practices this for over a month before her marriage!

Walking on the human carpet!

7 Curious Bride Traditions Around The World!

No, obviously the carpet is not made out of humans, it’s simply that the humans lay down and are taken as a carpet so that the newlyweds can walk on them! Yeah, I know it sounds weird but then traditions are all kinds of weird, right! This is a tradition that is followed in Franc Polynesia where the close relatives of both sides get on the ground to act as the human carpet! Weird but it sure sounds kinda fun as well!

Whale’s Tooth!

Everyone loves to exchange gifts in the wending but some traditions have a different approach I guess. In Fiji, it is a very common tradition where the groom is expected to gift a whale’s tooth to their father-in-law! Yeah, you heard that correct, I mean you can be creative and gift other things too but the whale’s tooth is sure mandatory, so gifting a whale’s tooth necklace is quite common here!

Holding your bladder!

7 Curious Bride Traditions Around The World! | unusual wedding traditions

Okay, this might be the weirdest in this list but there is a tradition in Borneo where they test the bond of the bride and the groom. Now, how to test it? Well, they sure have one of the most peculiar ways! The groom and the bride both do not urinate or defecate for the longest, this is believed to strengthen their bond! Okay, this is one way to increase your love with your partner I guess! Right?

Porcelain Breaking!

7 Curious Bride Traditions Around The World! | unusual wedding traditions

Yeah, I know everyone loves a nice set of porcelain but this wedding tradition in Germany takes this otherwise. They buy porcelain for the newlyweds which they later break! Yeah, this is done right before the wedding night and the best part is all that mess is then cleaned by the newlyweds after the wedding! I mean, this is only restricted to the wedding tradition so please do not go on breaking porcelain while meeting your German friends! This tradition sure is one of the most unique wedding traditions!

Spoon of Love

7 Curious Bride Traditions Around The World! | unusual wedding traditions

This sure is one of the sweetest traditions of all. A wedding tradition in Wales requires the groom to gift a beautiful wooden spoon to their new bride indicating that they will never let the bride go hungry! This has been one of the most beautiful traditions of all the others on the list, isn’t it! They have all kinds of spoons from simple to some of the most beautiful carved in the shapes of heart and all!

Well, these were some of the strangest traditions found around the world, obviously, no hate to any of those, also total respect to each one of them!

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