7 Desert Animals That Are Simply Extraordinary

 World is filled with amazing creatures and they have adapted their conditions in such a way that sometimes shocks science too. There are animals who survive the coldest weather without any trouble and some who shiver even at 20 degree Celsius. There are  desert animals who have brilliant abilities that help them survive and rule the climate. Here’s a list of 7 amazing desert animals that have super powers and modifications to survive in the desert.

Thorny Devil

7 Desert Animals That Are Simply Extraordinary
Wikimedia Commons / Wally Box – Personal photographs owned by Wally Box

This beautiful devil is 5 to 8 inches long and has a lifespan of 11 to 20 years. This amazing creature has spiky skin and water channels throughout its body. These thorny lizards have a fake head that fools its predators. Their diet depends only on black ants. They can also change colors according to the weather, to escape both hot and cold weather. Even though they have an attractive and unique appearance, they are hard to find as they blend in with their surroundings very well. They can eat 1000 ants in a single meal. Can you believe it? This little creature has so many amazing abilities to survive easily in a harsh and hot dessert.

Secretary birds

7 Desert Animals That Are Simply Extraordinary

Secretary birds are killer queens of desert. Their appearance is interesting and very attractive. Mostly found in the Savannah of the sub – Saharan region. They can be up to 3 meters tall but weigh only around 4 kg. Everything in their body is designed for hunting prey, especially venomous snakes. They hit the head of the snake with their feet with heavy force within 15 milliseconds. That’s faster than the blink of an eye. This beautiful creature is full of surprises right?

Deathstalker scorpion

7 Desert Animals That Are Simply Extraordinary

As the name suggests, death stalks all of us but this scorpion stalks death. They are older than even dinosaurs. With straw yellow color, it is impossible to spot them in a desert. If one is foolish enough to look for them, they can be found in northern Africa and the Middle East. Deathstalker scorpions have the strongest poison of all the scorpions. The good news is they are not aggressive but that doesn’t mean you should go and bother them.


7 Desert Animals That Are Simply Extraordinary

Jerboas are hopping desert rodents found in North America and Arabia. Their length is around 2 to 6 inches plus their tail is longer than 9 inches. Their fur matches with their surroundings perfectly. With their long hind feet, jerboas can run at a speed of 24km per hour in zigzag manner. So, it’s not easy to catch them. Jerboas don’t drink water at all. They feed on desert plants which provide them enough moisture. Wow! An animal that lives in the hottest climate doesn’t even drink water. That’s amazing right?

Fennec Fox

7 Desert Animals That Are Simply Extraordinary

This cute looking fox is surprisingly adapted to live in harsh desert climates. For this animal, temperature below 68 degree Fahrenheit is cold. They have very large ears relative to their body size. These large weird looking ears have really good hearing and can hear even underground voices. Even though they have small legs, they can leap up to 6 meters high and 1.2 meters forward. They can dig up to 6 meters underground in a single night.

Horned Viper

7 Desert Animals That Are Simply Extraordinary
Wikimedia Commons / Oronbb 

The most recognizable feature of horned vipers is the two horns above their eyes. They look no less than a devil with those horns. They are the modified scales which protect their eyes from sand and impurities. Their venom is highly dangerous as it consists of 13 different toxins. They have great eyesight and also they can sense the body vibration of their prey.


Meerkat are the cute little predators that travel in mobs. The mob can consist of 20 to 40 members. They aren’t cats; they belong to the mongoose family. They hunt in packs and prepare a great defense as they are small and weak. One member finds a high spot such as a tall tree and keeps watch and when he detects trouble, he barks. They eat small mammals like squirrels. They even eat the scorpions as they are immune to the deadly venom. Amazing right?

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