7 Easy Appetizers For Movie Screenings At Home

It has been months since any of us saw a group of people together, let alone a movie theatre and honestly, we miss the cold corridors filled with the smell of fresh popcorn and the sound of pouring cold drinks. But while we are stuck at home, let us make an effort to make movie nights a lot more enjoyable and delicious. When it comes to choosing easy appetizers to have while watching a movie, you should consider making a snack that the whole of your family will love.

7 Easy Appetisers For Movie Screenings At Home

To spice up your movie experience at home here are our 7 picks of delicious and easy appetizers to munch during your holiday movie time with your family.

Chinese-Style Spareribs

7 Easy Appetisers For Movie Screenings At Home

This Chinese appetiser snack belongs to a pu pu platter, a tray of American Chinese or Hawaiin food constraining assorted meat and seafood appetizers. This snack can be made with a variety of delicious flavours. You can choose between the flavours of honey and garlic, black bean, oyster sauce, or a spicy version. The most simple and pocket-friendly spareribs are the hoisin version. This recipe will serve 8-12 people as a movie time appetizer. Find the recipe here- https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/77408/chinese-spareribs/


7 Easy Appetisers For Movie Screenings At Home

This popular Indian vegetarian dish has ingredients like leaves from the mustard plant, spinach, green chilli, fenugreek, ginger and salt. The snack is slowly simmered in its own juice in order to get that buttery creaminess. In Punjab, the snack is usually topped with fried onions and fresh homemade butter, while in Uttar Pradesh, tomato and yoghurt come as topping to reduce its bitter and peppery flavour. Sometimes, broccoli, radish and turnip are added as topping to enhance the flavour. Sarson da saag was originally a staple of the rural, hard working people of Punjab. Find the recipe here – https://www.vegrecipesofindia.com/sarson-ka-saag/.

Midye Tava

7 Easy Appetisers For Movie Screenings At Home

This delightful Turkish street food, that consists of fried mussels on a stick, is an ideal appetizer. The mussels are battered and deep-fried in a big metal cauldron to give a crispy texture and yummy taste. The centre of the cauldron will be filled with hot oil and the mussels sticks will be arranged on the wide rim in order for mussels stick to be arranged on it and the excess oil will be drained off. The simple dish can be served with a dash of salt and a side of tangy tarator sauce on the side. Find the recipe here – https://www.sbs.com.au/food/recipes/fried-mussels-tarator-midye-tava

Toasted Ravioli

7 Easy Appetisers For Movie Screenings At Home

This St. Louis speciality American dish includes of a crunchy, bread pasta with grated parmesan toppings. The snack is served hot as an appetizer with a marinara-style sauce for dipping. The snack is a misnomer as it is not toasted as the name suggest but is deep-fried. The dish is mostly filled with a variety of popular ingredients including eggs, cheese and spinach. Find the recipe here – https://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/food-network-kitchen/toasted-ravioli-recipe-1973737


7 Easy Appetisers For Movie Screenings At Home

This protein-packed dish, with chickpea fritters as a key ingredient, is listed as one of Israel’s national dishes. It is known to have originated from Egypt, Lebanon or Palestine. The snack that was sold in 1950 by Yemenite immigrants in a wrapped paper, has eventually made this ancient dish an early form of Israeli fast food. Falafel is now popular in Middle Eastern countries with fava beans used instead of chickpeas, with parsley, coriander, cumin, and onions for flavour. It is served in pita or lafa flatbread sandwiches with fresh or pickled vegetables as a topping, and hummus paste, tahini dip, or a zesty, garlic-flavoured yoghurt sauce as a coating. Find the recipe here – https://www.inspiredtaste.net/42640/falafel-recipe/.  


7 Easy Appetisers For Movie Screenings At Home

This Mexican appetizer-snack from northern Mexico is made of heated tortilla chips or totopos with melted cheese or cheese-based sauce covering. The dish was originally made in 1943, by a Mexican restaurateur Ignacio “El Nacho” Anaya, which combined fried corn tortilla chips covered with melted cheese and sliced jalapeño peppers. The dish also has a variant with a topping of quartered and fried tostada and habanero hot sauce with a layering of refried beans, various meats, shredded cheese or nacho cheese. The dish which is highly nutritious with a rich source of protein, carbs, veggies can be customised to fulfil unique tastes. Find the recipe here – https://cookieandkate.com/loaded-veggie-nachos-recipe/.

Patatas Bravas

7 Easy Appetisers For Movie Screenings At Home

This popular Spanish dish belongs to the classic tapas menu. The name Patatas Pravas translates “brave potatoes” which hints at the spicy sauce used in the recipe. The snack, that originated in Madrid, is assumed to have been consumed since 1542 when Spain conquered the Inca Empire. The dish consists of white potatoes cut in cubes of 2 centimetres and shallow fried and served with spice sauce. The dish comes with a variety of sauces, like spicy ketchup or garlic mayonnaise with smoked paprika. The tapas menu origin from Southern Spain has evolved with the social culture of eating and drinking out. Find the recipe here – https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/patatas-bravas-0.

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