7 Nail Art Designs That You Should Try At Least Once In Your Life!

Gone are the days when people went for solid colors when it came to nail paints. I might be making it sound too fancy for the solid nail paint lovers but that’s not the case, all I’m trying to say here is that it’s very rare to see people moving around with just one shade on their nails.

simple nail art designs - trendy nail art designs

If you go to a nail artist, they will leave you confused with the number of options that they provide of those designs, and each one of them is no less than the other, not because they simply love it but also because the demand is on the peak right not, so obviously the supply is trying its best to follow it, basically the demand and supply curve at its best! Okay, too much economics here, anyways, my point is, nail art is becoming one of the most loved trends and there is no doubt that they might make a smooth entry in the list of the 20s fashion trends, right! Anyways, we thought, that since it’s quite a loved hobby in the market, why not prepare a cute little list of the trendiest nail art designs for the ones looking for some! Hence, this list of the 7 most preferred nail art designs!

Fruit nail art

We know it sounds like a joke but it is very much ‘not’! Fruit nail art is a thing and people all over the fashion world are going crazy about it. Mind you, it’s not like you are stamping the pattern of fruit on your nails, those simple days were a product of the past. People are straight away going for sticking! Yes, sticking the fruit on their nails which I know sounds bizarre but as soon as the finished product is received, it’s like a sharp 180! The fruit nail art is simple, the artist sticks the fruit on the nail and then cuts and polishes it in the desired shape. The natural texture that is received in the end is something we never knew we can get, especially for the nails!

The colour palette

Okay, remember what I said in the above paragraph about people preferring designs over solid colors, well, this one is all about solid colors but in a different way. The color palette as the name suggests is basically where you make them look like a color palette. How? Well, simple, you paint every nail with a different shade! But mind you, it’s not as easy as it sounds because the right combination of colors is a thing too! So, all the best.

Face nail art design

Yeah, it’s pretty straightforward, the design is all about painting a face. Some people go for a very accurate one while the more preferred one here is more of a modern art type. However, whichever you prefer, the face nail art is making a good space for itself in the list of some of the trendiest nail art designs that you can go for this year! The ‘details’ on the faces is the key here, you will see many going for it and every time a different way will surely blow your mind and your fashion sense!


No matter what trend, no matter which era, and no matter what topic, flowers and floral designs are never out of question and they will never be in the future as well. In floral too, the simple sunflowers are the ones with the upper hand. But anyways, floral designs in nail art are sure the trend that you can go for. No matter what your attire is, they will surely complete the look, also they are actually easy to make in comparison to many other nail art designs which are way too complex!

Themed nail art

This one might need a bit more explanation. So, themed nail art is one of the most minimalistic and simple yet the most classy and complex, in some sense! For this, people choose a theme, be it a fruit or a teddy or a symbol, basically anything in general, and then the entire nail art revolves around it. It’s not your regular design that will be done on every nail, each finger might go for something different but the theme is the same. These are being preferred very much, hence, in trend!

Black and white

Well, how can the list not have this signature combo, right? No art, no design is complete without a touch of black and white! This trend too is being preferred where people use only black and white nail paint, obviously, duh, it’s all over the name. One can go for whatever designs or pattern they want, the only limitation here is the choice of colors. Of course, feel free to go with this one as it sure will give a complete look to whatever outfit you choose, especially if it’s a professional one, it will look very sleek!

Sand dunes nail art

They really do not need much explanation, it’s literally shouting its design through its name! Well, I’ll still go ahead and let you in with how this one works. So for this, all you have to do is find a few colors that go well with each other and then plant them in a sand dune pattern. The look is plain and simple but will give a trendy vibe. You can go for this if your outfit is more of a casual, beach, or summer one, but feel free to fit it in with others if you see a chance!

Well, so these were some of the trendiest nail art designs that you can go for! To be honest, every design is simple & unique in itself, so you can go for others if the vibe matches!

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