7 of the most beautiful Monasteries in Russia

Russia maybe an atheist country but it has some of the most vibrant and colorful monasteries. They are so beautiful that they look like a location from the Disney or Arabian nights movie. Some of the monasteries are so grand that they look like they belong from a different world.

Here’s a list of some of the most beautiful churches and monasteries of Russia that you must visit for a great photo op for your instagram. 

  1. 1 Savior Monastry of St. Euthymius, Suzdal

    This is a beautiful monastery that looks like a colorful fortress. Founded in the 14th century the monastery gained importance during the 16 and 17 century after receiving donations from Ivan IV , Vasilli III and the Pozharsky family. The church has a bell tower, the assumption church and a seven dome cathedral. The interiors showcase frescos restored by the Gury Nikiten school of Kostroma. The monastery also includes a prison which was used to hold anarchists, sectarians and revolutionaries. In 1968 the monastery was turned into a museum.

  2. 2 Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius, Sergiyev Posad Moscow

    The Trinity Lavra is an exquisite monastery located in the heart of Moscow. The church was founded in the 14th  century by the Saint Sergers of Radonezh. He went on to live in the woods and some other spiritual seekers followed him, which led to the construction of the monastery which became the center for the orthodox church. Over time the lavra consisting of an ornate architectural structure was constructed and monks started living there and still some monks live there.

  3. 3 New Jerusalem Monastery, Moscow

    Also known as the resurrection Monastery, it is Jerusalem in the town of Istra just outside of Moscow. It was built to represent the entire Orthodox Church. The monastery has its own Holy Sepulcher and Golgotha. The Istra river was also renamed Jordon. And the faithful can visit the church to get baptized.

  4. 4 Church of the Sign of the Most Holy Mother of God, in Dubrovitsy

    The Church of the Sign of the Most Holy Mother of God is famous for its unique Baroque structure which is familiar to the European church architecture. The church was constructed between 1690 to 1698 during the summer. The church is decorated with figures of saints and angels and varies from an Orthodox church. There is a huge gold crown placed at the central tower. The interiors are mostly white and blue has multifaceted cupolas, and uses Latin script, for its inscriptions.

  5. 5 Kirillo-Belozersky Monastery, Vologda Region

    This monastery has a beautiful location and is located on the bank of Lake Siversky. It was built during the middle ages and is one of the largest monastery in Europe. It was founded by St, Cyrill also known as Kirill of Beloozero. As the story goes he Virgin Mary came to him in his dream and asked him to go the town of Beloozero to find salvation. Monk Ferapont accompanied him and together they dug out a cave. The monastery is within a vast walled area and consists of two priories with 11 churches. The fortress’s walls feature several towers

  6. 6 Solovetsky Transfiguration Monastery, Solovetsky Island

    The Solovetsky Transfiguration Monastery located on an archipelago in the northern part of Russia. Being located on the frontier of Russia and has thus gone through a lot of attacks. It was during 1537 that the monastery started to flourish, and he built the cathedral of Transfiguration of the Saviour. The monastery has a massive wall with round towers and has religious buildings and with interconnected roof tops. It also has a number of housing complexes and a refectory.

  7. 7 Belogorsky Monastery, Perm Krai

    The monastery stands on top os a big hill, and looks beautiful during the summer and winters. It is a wooden structure and gets covered with snow during the winters. The church has a tragic history . It was first built with wood and was burnt down and later a stone structure was built. At one point it was also used as a nursing home at one point. 

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