7 Reasons Why Art Is A Remedy To Beat Stress

Art has been found to be a great stress buster. It brings your creativity out and helps you connect to your inner self. And what more it’s great fun to sculpt something, or paint or draw. There are things like exercise and yoga that can help but we don’t always find the motivation to do it. Plus weekends is the only time you get with kids and personal time may not be possible. And art is a great way to connect with and have fun with your kids. 

7 Reasons Why Art Is A Remedy To Beat Stress

You don’t have to be good at it to destress. We all are used to doodling during boring lectures or meetings. It helps stay awake during the long conversations. But there are other benefits too.

Here’s a list of seven reasons that art is good for you:

It Is Fun

The first and foremost reason is it is fun. Remember the times as kids when it was fun to dip your fingers into paint and running them across paper, Or just making hand shaped patches on the floor or paper? Making sculptures out of clay was fun? So try it again it is fun and even more entertaining if you do it with your kids and family. 

Adds A Feel Good Emotion

Art is known to improve the health of patients and people who are home bound. It promotes relaxation and also takes your mind off the sickness or boredom. Visual art helps relax people.

It’s A Mental Therapy

Studies have shown the art has helped people with neurological diseases. It has helped patients with Alzheimer’s Disease. Once they indulge into art it is easier for them to pass they time. Art therapy has become popular over the time.

Distracts Your Mind

When you focus on creating or making something your mind is bound to get off whatever is stressing you. Be it drawing, painting or even sculpting or even making candles, any form of art requires you to pay attention. 

Improves Concentration

Art requires a certain level of concentration along with imagination. When you are completely engrossed in something your mind goes into a kind of meditative state. This helps build concentration as your mind gets better at being focussed. It also improves cognitive functions in kids and also in elderly people. 

Inculcates Self Belief

Practicing any type of art gives you your ‘down time’ or ‘me time’ as you would call it. If you pursue a hobby and spend few minutes or hours doing just that helps you be happy with yourself. Taking up art as a hobby is even more beneficial because you end up creating something that is beautiful be it painting or a sculpture or even a candle. If there is something that you have always wanted to do like get into music, or learn how to play a guitar or create DIY craft, or gardening, then do it.

Helps Make Connections

If you have no friend circle apart from your work and home an art workshop or hobby can help you make friends outside of your normal circle. This also helps relieve stress as your hobby group will hale you get away from your daily routine. And making new friends helps makes you happy. 

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