7 Tips On Travelling Abroad With Your Pet

When actor Johnny Depp tried to sidestep the regular quarantine period for his pooches, Australia threatened to euthanize his dogs. This sparked a conversation on the much-needed awareness of the rules and regulations some countries require when entering a country with a pet. There’s a lot to the list – from microchips to mandatory quarantines, and for a first-time travelling with a pet, can all seem a lot overwhelming. Moving internationally is a major decision and it requires forethought and planning. When you add a pet to the equation, the amount of planning and deliberation doubles. While the shift proves to be stressful to the human, it is equally nerve-wracking for your little friend. In such a situation, a lot of research and a thoroughly mapped-out plan is in your pet’s best interests and it should make it a little bit easier on both of you.

7 Tips On Travelling Abroad With Your Pet

An important note to keep in mind – an international trip or shift with your pet is not something that can be left to last minute. Give yourself enough time to cross your T’s and dot your I’s. While it can be a lot to plan the trip with your furry friend, it’s incredibly important that you take all the necessary steps. After all, your furry one is depending on you.

Thankfully, for you, we have made a list of 7 major tips that you can take care when travelling abroad with your pet (along with a few other bonus tips!). So, give your pet a soft loving pat, pick a notepad and start noting the following advice on how to take necessary steps to make this trip the best one so far for you and your pet. Follow the advice below and make sure you’ve got everything covered.

Get your pet checked by a Vet

7 Tips On Travelling Abroad With Your Pet

It rhymes because it’s true, getting informed about your pet’s prescription medications, and other health issues can save you time. A vet can also prescribe medications to make the trips easier for the pet.

Gather information and make an itinerary

7 Tips On Travelling Abroad With Your Pet

To make sure the destination you’re going to doesn’t end up restricting your furry companion. Many destinations don’t permit easy entrance for pets. Take Hawaii, for instance, has a quarantine period for dogs and cats of up to 120 days. So, make your itinerary accordingly. Make sure your pet has an updated health card which can allow permission to enter some restricted places that have been restricted for pets.

Prepare your pet

7 Tips On Travelling Abroad With Your Pet

Train your pet so that it follows your commands and saves you the trouble. Get your pet acquainted to the crate he is going to travel in well before you pack the suitcase. Get all the vaccination for dog completed 2 weeks before the journey to make sure the pet is healthy.

Prepare a travel kit for your pet

7 Tips On Travelling Abroad With Your Pet

Create a travel kit that includes antiseptic ointment, Thermometer, Pulse oximeter, grooming gear in it and while you’re at it, throw in a chew toy to relieve any discomfort at take-off and landing. The travel kit should be easily accessible so it comes in handy whenever a problem related to your pet arise.

Don’t be afraid to spend a little more

7 Tips On Travelling Abroad With Your Pet

Travelling with pets can bring a lot of hidden costs varying from hotel surcharges, extra food, airline surcharges to vet charges. make sure to keep some headroom in your budget for it. Make sure you book your flight and hotel bookings in advance to save a penny or two.

Don’t leave your pet

7 Tips On Travelling Abroad With Your Pet

This is the biggest “Don’t” of pet ownership. Due to an unfamiliar environment, your pet can get anxious, especially in a locked vehicle where temperature can increase slowly which can affect the health of your furry companion.

Follow a Disciplined Schedule

7 Tips On Travelling Abroad With Your Pet

Adapt to the time zone of the destination 72 hours before you start your journey to avoid the hassle of jet lag and reduced appetite. Walk your pet to incite hunger timely to keep up good health. Make sure not to feed heavy food before a long journey to avoid nausea.

Because you’ve made it this far, here are some Bonus Tips for you (Thank us later) 😉

1. Prioritize pet-friendly hotels so you can get more services for your furry companion.

2. Ask for accommodation on lower floors so you can avoid lifts, stairs and more guests.

3. Use a “Do not Disturb” sign so hotel management doesn’t startle your pet.

4. Don’t use sedatives on your pet to avoid any discomfort as under travelling circumstances it can cause disorder and irritation.

5. Get Contact Information of a local vet to incase any unwanted symptoms show up in your pet.

6. Make sure your pet is clean and hygienic so that it doesn’t attract unwanted diseases.

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