7 Tips To Excel In Online Classes

Online classes can build a decent amount of pressure, at times more than physical classes. One can easily get overwhelmed with the number of presentations and words taught, and online classes can surely affect our well-being. It is crucial to frame your study structure at such times, so that work doesn’t overflow and what skills are gained remain the same even after the class. We bring you 7 tips for online classes to excel in your studies and transform your learning experience into a pleasant one. The use of these tips depends on you, after all, everyone is divergent.

Put away what distracts you

7 Tips To Excel In Online Classes

As a student who gets easily distracted, I recommend limiting your distractions. Put your phone away, or simply out of sight. Other distractions could be video games, social media applications and entertainment websites. In case you’re working on a laptop, try adding browser extensions that would stop you from opening certain websites.

Find a study buddy

7 Tips To Excel In Online Classes

It is always better to have someone do an activity with you which you find difficult to do. One example would be studying, and finding someone to study with you. Since the world is working online now, you can have sessions on virtual meeting platforms. I love Discord study servers; there is always someone willing to join a voice chat with you and study quietly. It also motivates others to focus!

Practice time blocking

7 Tips To Excel In Online Classes

Time blocking is slightly different from the good old-time scheduling. Made and regularly practised by Elon Musk, one of the most successful people in the world right now, this technique follows the law of certainty rather than will power. It doesn’t depend on motivation to do work or start when you finish your favourite TV series’ episode. First, you need to divide the task into how much time they’ll take. By ‘blocks’ I mean a session per task.

You can have various sessions for every activity you need to do. Read more about this technique here Time blocking: what it is and how to do it (plus apps) – Clockify Blog

Productivity apps help

7 Tips To Excel In Online Classes

Applications like Flipd, Forest, Plantie, Emphasis etc. have helped many students all over the world. These apps have an option to block specific websites and apps on your device. For example, Flipd doesn’t save your progress if you leave the app. This way, you’re more likely to succeed in maintaining that intense study motivation.

Find a technique that fits you

7 Tips To Excel In Online Classes

From Pomodoro to scheduling, each work technique has its pros and cons. What works for one might not work for another. You need to observe when you are focused the most- it could be 4 in the morning or during the afternoon. It is different for everybody. Then, decide how you want to complete your work. Do you want to study for 25 minutes and then take a 5 minutes break? Try Pomodoro. Make sure to devote fully during that 25 minutes, otherwise, you can easily lose motive.

Write everything

7 Tips To Excel In Online Classes

Digital notes are the modern copy of handwritten notes, but science has shown how writing certain material by hand helps us remember it better. During the class, take handwritten notes and while recalling them, you can rewrite them on your digital note-taker or another copy. It doesn’t matter if they look studygram-aesthetic, all that matters is your level of understanding.

Take breaks

7 Tips To Excel In Online Classes

We can easily lose the track of time if we are too immersed in a project. Find a hobby that interests you the most. It could be reading books, sewing, or listening to music. Your mind and body should be relaxed throughout the learning process. Exercise, talk to your well-wishers, eat good food and journal. If you have any distracting thoughts during studying, write them down and think about them later. When you don’t feel like studying, clean your desk. Make sure you’re in a soft environment. Learning is a process to enjoy and extend your knowledge while caring about your mental health too

An extra tip would be getting blue ray glasses and noise reduction headphones, which have helped me keep up with the fast-moving semester. Comment down your tips for online classes which often helps you focus!

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