7 Trendy Work From Home Looks To Be Comfortably Productive

The shift from working at the office to working from home has brought a big change in our life. Apart from missing your colleagues, the 10-6 schedule, and the coffee machine, the biggest change would be in the way you dress. Many of the outfits that were comfortable for you at the office, can be distracting and uncomfortable while you work from home. The looks that would be most ideal for you to work from home would be something that stands between too formal or too casual.

7 Trendy Work From Home Looks To Be Comfortably Productive

You have the option to be dressed up for your work from home just like the rest of the time at home, but the way you feel can be influenced by what you wear. Here are the 7 trendy work from home outfits that can make your work from home comfortable and productive.


7 Trendy Work From Home Looks To Be Comfortably Productive

What you wear doesn’t just signal to others, but also to yourself about what you’re doing, and why. You have to make a practical consideration on wearing something that makes you feel at work and at the same time give you flexibility while working from home. Knitwear can be ideal work-wear if you need to be more professional and attend several video calls. This will make you comfortable and feel dressed up for your profession. The advantage of wearing knitwear at home is that you appear to be well dressed on a video call with your team or client.

Graphic Print T-Shirts

7 Trendy Work From Home Looks To Be Comfortably Productive

Graphic printed T-shirts are one of the comfy work from home clothes especially if you are into a creative job or prefer more comfort. As long as you stay clean and tidy, there will not be any evident difference in the productivity between wearing T-shirts and your office outfit. Pairing your graphic T-shirt along with your choice of comfortable bottoms will make a difference in your overall look and you will stay comfortably productive while working from home. The addition of a graphic T-shirt will make you look and feel much cooler.

Denim And Tops

7 Trendy Work From Home Looks To Be Comfortably Productive

Work from home is the time when you wear your denim or casuals, whether or not your job allows it. Denim is one of the ideal dresses to wear to work at home for those who believe that tailored trousers seem a little out of place for work from home and tracksuit bottoms are only for the actual sport. Women can pair denim pants with a silk button-down or with a hoodie, while men can wear them with a polo or full sleeve T-shirts. This can also impact you to be more productive and avoid embarrassment when someone drops by unexpectedly.

Maxi Skirts

7 Trendy Work From Home Looks To Be Comfortably Productive

For women, wearing skirts and dresses can make for the ideal work from home outfits which can change your mind. These maxi skirts can be paired with stretchy knitwear fabric, chic blouse, button-down or your favourite graphic tee depending on your requirements. These outfits will also go well with most other daily routines like meditation, practising yoga or reading. Take this time to also enjoy doing nothing.

Tailored Shorts

7 Trendy Work From Home Looks To Be Comfortably Productive

Shorts wouldn’t go well with a corporate setting, but it makes for one of the best work-wear ideas when you work from home. You can add to your comfort and appearance in your at-home workstation by pairing them with tees, long-sleeves, hoodies or jackets. This can also give you the flexibility for relaxing, exercising, eating, and socialising at home. Shorts can be an absolute necessity for bearing the heat and also help you in being comfy while sneaky while you are on a Zoom meeting.

Linen Clothing

7 Trendy Work From Home Looks To Be Comfortably Productive

Dress up for your work from home in your favourite linen clothes in your wardrobe. Linen clothes can be a good work from home wear to keep you comfortable from the humid climate and in perfect looks for your Zoom meetings. Linen shirts or trousers will be ideal for your casual yet decent looks for a call with your team or clients. This will make for the perfect fit on your body for the whole day without worries about wrinkles or transparency. You can play with colours and designs with the linen collection in your wardrobe.


7 Trendy Work From Home Looks To Be Comfortably Productive

Give your tailored suit some rest and put on a sweatshirt if you’re working in an air-conditioned home office all day. A simple sweatshirt with a striking logo, graphic design, loud print, or a cozy fabric will keep you comfortable at work. You can choose the work-appropriate sweatshirt from your wardrobe if you are needed to attend Zoom meetings regularly. Swaddling yourself into the perfect sweatsuits will let you fancy your work from home fashion while making you comfortable.

Which WFH look do you go for? Did we miss your comfy style? Tell us in the comments below.

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