7 Ways To Spend Time With Your Friends Without Stepping Out Of Your Home

Friendship is a crucial thing in your life but spending quality time with friends can sometimes turn out to be an expensive affair. Spending quality time with your friend at home instead of splurging on hanging out at clubs, pubs or eateries will deepen your bond and you’ll save some extra bucks. Yodoozy brings some alternatives that you could use to convince your friends next time they try to get you out of your comfy pyjamas.

7 Ways To Spend Time With Your Friends Without Stepping Out Of Your Home

Here are 7 effective things that you can do with your friend to make time worthwhile and save you money.

Play Video Games

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Playing video games with a friend at home will be fun and exciting, especially if you or your friends have a video game console like an Xbox or a Wii. There is a wide range of genres to choose from, such as action-adventure games, role-playing games, simulation games, strategy games and sports games. Make sure that the game you choose can be played by your friends at the same time as a team or against each other. BONUS: If the game you suggest hasn’t been played by your friends before, you get a chance to boast some of your video game skills.

Set A Workout Routine

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A regular workout routine will be a great activity at home with your friends that can impact your physical and mental wellness. Most people wish to start exercising but either have a long list of excuses ready for a long time or don’t have the motivation to start or keep it going. When you do your workout routine with friends, you will be more motivated at consistently working out and keeping fit. It is important to set a specific timing for your daily workout routine that is convenient for your friends. You can arrange for equipment together and scour some of the effective workout videos by expert workout trainers on YouTube.

Play Board Games

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An ideal option, you could spend your time playing board games, like Scrabble or Yahtzee, with your friends at home. Instead of buying a brand new stack of board games you can pick one that your friend has at home. Board games may seem old to you but it can give you fun and enjoyment every time you play with your friends. The board game that you choose to play should be the one that all your friends are also interested in and also try not to be overly competitive once you start playing. This can also be a great way to keep you focused, improve your mental skills and stay away from boredom.

Go For A Movie Marathon

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Gather your friends and organise a movie or a series marathon. Pick a classic, comedy, thriller or whatever interests the group and stream it on one of the many OTT platforms available. You can prepare snacks like a bag of popcorn so that you can sit down on the couch, and enjoy the movie together with a friend.

Learn A New Skill

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The days you spend at home can be used productively to learn a new skill with your friends. There are many online courses available, let it be on games like chess, or to play instruments like guitar or piano or anything that will add value to your life. Learning a new skill with your friends can be quite fun and entertaining so that you can constantly learn without getting bored. You can choose the skills that both you and your friends are interested in. You can also work on improving general skills when you want to learn something new, but don’t have much time and effort to learn them.

Get Yourselves Enrolled For An Online Course

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An effective thing you can do along with your friends at home is enrolling on an online course that helps you and your friends develop your professional knowledge base. These online courses will help you to successfully pass tests and assignments for upgrading in your career. There is a broad range of foundation-level online courses based on varied areas of interest. Most of the online courses portal offers a free trial so that you can get to know how it is going before deciding to pay. You have to choose an online learning website that gives you access to your learning profile and record of achievements.

Cook With Your Pals 

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Cooking your favourite dishes at home with your friends can be a great experience to cherish. You can also let your friends raid your kitchen and help prepare their favourite dishes together. This can also be a good opportunity to showcase your culinary skills. It will also be a creative idea to bake brownies or other easy sweet treats with your friend.

How do you spend time with your friends? Share your views in the comment section below.

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