7 Weird Pets You Didn’t Know People Kept

Cats, dogs, fishes, birds are known pets. Other than these are usually domestic animals such as cow, goat etc. but the ones we have here, will blow your mind!

Miniature Donkey ( jacks and jennets)

It’s even weird to think about this one but it’s true. People have miniature donkeys as pets but again, they are adorable. They are cute, amiable,  good with kids and tiny. They have a wide vision. Miniature donkeys need a lot of care and assistance and also need ample supply of fresh water and food. Open field to graze would just add to their happiness and welfare. They have a good sense of touch, smell and response. Although they might get lazy and fat due to petting them at home.

closeup photography of brown horse

Ball python

Ball pythons are active and docile. The more you pet them, they calmer and adjusted they get with your touch. They have a good diet and grow tall. They could become irritable sometimes. They are usually very calm and composed but keep an eye out for mites or ticks or unusual skin shedding or behaviors and if any of these symptoms appear, tak to the vet immediately. Ball pythons are nothing like the other snakes and can be good pets.

yellow and white snake on white surface


They are definitely a bad choice for a pet because they nowhere fall near the category of being domesticated. Although I get the urge to be adventurous and this is probably one of the ways how you do it. They aren’t even legal as pets everywhere.  Alligators live long lives and are super lazy. They eat a lot and stay calm when fed. Just like any animal, alligators love attention and won’t eat you up in return because they aren’t a fan of human flesh. They are nocturnal beings who need a lot of space and won’t attack unnecessarily (hopefully). A piece of advice, don’t keep them hungry!

crocodiles on brown soil

Domestic Skunks

Domestic skunks sure do stink bad sometimes but they are an absolute delight and loving.  Skunks are omnivores because they eat both veggies, fruits as well as fish. Although you might want to hide all your precious carpets and belongings because they would scratch it all. So, you got to have a “skunk-proofed” apartment. Two more highlights, first, they can easily get lost and might not find their way back and second, you can potty train them.

black and white skunk


Tarantulas are tiny and live a long life but they are definitely anti – social (feeling relatable). They hate being exposed to the sun and love to stay in darkness and also hate sounds or noises per say. They like being alone accompanied by darkness and quiet. Quarantine would be their favorite time, for sure.

black and beige tarantula on brown soil

Madagascar Hissy Cockroach

This was initially my least favourite but then getting to know about them, changed my mind. Madagaskar hissy cockroaches are harmless and very interactive. They are small, breed easily and you could stare at them for hours without getting bored. They are active, interact well, have fun on their own and are a cute, tiny pet to have. Who thought people would pet cockroaches one day knowing that most of us dread at the sight of it.

cockroaches on rock

Fennec foxes

These foxes are social, energetic, amiable and of course, tiny so light-weighted. They have a long life expectancy. They feed on rodents and veggies.don’t leave them outside or they will not survive because they have low tolerance for temperature and are extremely sensitive. Also, they can sustain without water for long as well.

orange kitten on gray sand

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