9 Spanish Language Treats On Netflix You Need To Watch Now

The Internet may have brought the world closer. But Netflix brought the world to our living rooms. And while Money Heist may be the only Spanish language show that comes to our mind instantly, there’re other treats on Netflic. ¡Diviértete!

La Casa De Las Flores (House of Flowers)


This 2018 Mexican black comedy does well in driving home some hard hitting life lessons on family, love and betrayal. All while sitting pretty behind glamorous costumes, grandiose sets and the trappings of society’s high-class glitter. Members of the De La Mora family are all things flashy and scandalous. With their prized flower shop – House of Flowers under the scanner, they now have a new problem at hand. All hell breaks loose when the matriarch of the family finds a dead body in the shop. That of her husband’s mistress. Watch the De La Mora’s bury secrets of the past and the present amidst leaked sex tapes and cabaret performers!



A modern battle of the classes. This 2018 Spanish teen drama pits two groups of high school students against each other. While one group studies on scholarship, the other flaunts their golden spoon. (Nepotism anyone?) Though the plot sounds like a glossy teen drama, throw in an unsolved murder and voila! Enough sensationalism against the background of class confrontation. 

Las chicas del cable (Cable Girls)


This one’s been a constant on all Netflix lists – and for good reasons. The 2019 period drama revolves around a group of four working women living through the challenging terrain of 1920s Spain. Landing up as phone operators at one of the world’s earliest telecommunications companies, the show follows accounts of friendship, love and survival. 

Morocco – Love in Times of War


A war drama of love, hope and grit when the going gets the most difficult. Set against the backdrop of the Rif War, fought between colonial Spain and the Berber tribal dwellers of Morocco. As the war proceeds devastatingly, a group of nurses from the Spanish Red Cross arrive in the war-torn city of Melilla to set up a hospital. The series documents their story, from finding hope amidst war to landing up on war front lines. 

La catedral del mar (Cathedral of the Sea)


Yet another period drama, this one goes further back in history. The eight-part 2018 release, traces the ambitions of a serf who decides to right decades of wrong. Set in 14th Century Barcelona, the feudal system is unforgiving. What should’ve been a happy marriage day turns out gory and tragic. And now, the wronged married couple’s son is out for revenge, years later. Adapted from the Spanish novel, La catedral del mar this one makes for a compelling watch. 

Ingobernable (Ungovernable)

Viewers have drawn parallels between this Mexican production and House of Cards. Enough said. Running across 2 seasons, the show revolves around a fictional first lady of Mexico who gets embroiled in more scandals than one can handle. Even by the standards of infamous political figures, perhaps. For a final nail on the coffin, the first lady finds herself on the run after the mysterious death of her husband. It’s up to her to prove her own innocence. Well, easier said than done, these things.

Gran Hotel


Attention all Downtown Abbey lovers. Here’s redemption for your longing – but of the steamier kind. The ball gets rolling when a brother infiltrates a hotel under the guise of a footman – all to investigate the mysterious disappearance of his sister. And perhaps, with a hope to find her alive and kicking. What unfolds is an exciting period drama that soon engulfs everyone in its web. Right from the owners to the helpers at the early 20th Century aristocratic hotel. The teaser of the series has the protagonist pulling out blood stained clothes that he claims were his sister’s. Hooked enough?

Examen de Conciencia (Examination of Conscience)


If you’re on the lookout for breezy, feel-good content, this 2019 docuseries is a strict no. The three-episode series investigates accusations of sexual abuse that have rocked the Cstholic Church of Spain in recent times. Including interaction with the clergy, journalists and survivors, Examen de Conciencia leaves you shocked. You were warned.



Let the tragedy of moral misjudgments set in. Set in Buenos Aires, the protagonist of the show is an uber successful professional in the fashion industry. Also a single mother and a powerhouse at whatever she does. Soon enough she finds her hero (or villain?) in a young, intriguing man. The fairytale too good to be one, falls apart, paving way for passion,revenge, crime and death to set in. Your standard weekend boredom fix to get that adrenaline racing.

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