Are Psychedelic Designs Back In Vogue?

Have you heard about Psychedelic Designs? The term “psychedelic” is derived from the Greek words “psyche” and “Delos,” which mean “soul manifesting” or “mind-manifesting.” Psychedelic designs first gained prominence in the 1960s. The 1960s were a fantastic moment for foggy yet dazzling artistic flare. Even now, psychedelic designs are frequently employed in commercial work. However, it appears that the psychedelic design concept is losing its originality.

Are Psychedelic Designs Back In Vogue?

Psychedelic designs have a long and varied history that spans the world and time. Between the 1960s and 1970s, it spanned hundreds of boundaries and even dominated graphic arts for a decade. The history of psychedelic design can be traced back over 80 years. 

Amazing subject matter, spiral patterns, vibrant hues, kaleidoscopic and extreme details with groovy typography are all elements of psychedelic design and art. All of these aspects may be seen in art styles prior to Psychedelic Design, such as Art Nouveau, Vienna Secession, and Surrealism. There is no coincidence to this; these moments were highly influential when the psychedelic generation studied art.

If you’re a kid of the 1960s, 1970s, or 1980s at heart, you’ll be glad to know that retro design is still alive and well! Since its resurgence in 2019, the retro graphic design style has dominated the design world, with examples appearing in everything from industrial, interior, and graphic design to social media and pop culture.

Companies, artists, and designers have welcomed the retro graphic design style with open arms, seeing what is familiar and nostalgic through a new perspective. Even the world’s most recognizable businesses, such as Nike, Pepsi, and Gucci, have incorporated retro design into their advertising campaigns, recycling vintage trends, marketing, and goods with astounding success.

The psychedelic movement spawned a completely new type of design in the late 1960s. The ‘Psychedelic’ style quickly arose as its own design genre covering art, film, fashion, and music, and was heavily influenced by mind-altering hallucinogenic drugs that became popular for recreational use in the 1960s. Psychedelic designs are still popular today, with their fluid shapes and hand-drawn textures, vibrant colour, and dream-like themes.

Social movements and cultural trends have greatly influenced graphic design. Hippie and disco were only two of the cultural movements of the 1970s that left an indelible mark on the visual world. They brought a variety of patterns, motifs, and themes that were emblematic of the decade’s style, such as disco balls, flowers, peace signs, and paisley patterns, to name a few. These motifs are also very much back in style this year!

Psychedelia has its origins in the 1960s music and art movement. It’s linked to hallucinogens and creative exploration set against a backdrop of societal upheaval: in other words, it’s about opening one’s mind. In contrast to now, it seems to match the times: psychedelia’s wild visual fosters freedom, and the idea that designers are no longer limited by traditional limitations.

Graphic artists might rebirth psychedelia in 2021 with an extensive use of colour and highly detailed abstractions. These are designs that take on a life of their own, both in terms of explosive combinations and complexity—to the point that no two viewings seem the same.

While distorted forms and jumbled imagery may be the objective, symmetry may help even the most complex of these compositions seem secure. It’s as though this new psychedelia indicates that even under the most absurd of situations, there are ways to stay grounded.

We do think, psychedelic designs are the way to go!

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