Chocolate Trotter – The Tastiest Chocolates Around The World

There is nothing like too much chocolate, especially not if you love chocolate just as much as we do. Chocolate bar? We’re in. Chocolate cookies? In. Hot chocolate? In twice, and twice over. Chocolate fountain? We’re drinking. Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. We have selected the seven tastiest and finest chocolates from around the world that, once eaten, cannot be forgotten! Have a look:

Jacques Torres Chocolate (New York City, USA)

Chocolate Trotter – The Tastiest Chocolates Around The World

Possibly the finest in New York, the Jacques Torres chocolates are handcrafted with love and are as fresh as they come. Jacques Torres is a French pastry chef and a chocolatier. Sitting on café tables, sipping hot chocolate and watching chocolate goodies being freshly prepared behind glass windows is what makes the visit to Jacques Torres Chocolate so special!

Paul & Mike Chocolate (India)

Chocolate Trotter – The Tastiest Chocolates Around The World

India’s finest chocolate comes from the carbon positive Paul & Mike Chocolate. Bean to bar, Paul & Mike specialises in intricate details and exuberant flavours. Fruits, nuts, spices, beans or even flowers – add a lot of compassion and care – and you have yourself a bar of chocolate that will stay in your heart forever!

Puccini Bomboni (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Chocolate Trotter – The Tastiest Chocolates Around The World

Simple is powerful. The Puccini Bomboni chocolate is made using a traditional family recipe since 1987. Using the freshest and the best ingredients, an exotic combination of chocolate and spices, delectable chocolates are made. Visit the Puccini Bomboni chocolate and you’re sure to have a cho-stalgia for all your life!

 Vosges Haut-Chocolat (Chicago, USA)

Chocolate Trotter – The Tastiest Chocolates Around The World

Unusual-yet-delicious combinations are what defines the Vosges Haut-Chocolat best. Founder Katrina Markoff made use of her international travels and the flavours she encountered – Japanese Wasabi, Indian Curry, Mexican Ancho Chilli – to come up with what the Vosges Haut-Chocolat is now best known for.

Republica Del Cacao (Ecuador)

Chocolate Trotter – The Tastiest Chocolates Around The World

The Republica Del Cacao was born with a vision to rescue and develop the Cacao Arriba of Ecuador that grew on some family farms. The EDC specialise in chocolates made using ingredients of Latin American origin, and can be trusted to put your chocolate craving to ease.

Teuscher Chocolate (Zurich, Switzerland)

Chocolate Trotter – The Tastiest Chocolates Around The World

The Teuster chocolate has been the finest in the world for eight decades now! One of the most natural chocolate that you can have, the Teuscher stays away from any additives, chemicals and preservatives. This chocolate is made using the best ingredients the world can offer, and a lot of passion. Swiss chocolate is famous for a reason!

Amedei (Tuscany, Italy)

Chocolate Trotter – The Tastiest Chocolates Around The World

If we have to pick a single bar of chocolate for our life from the world, it would undoubtedly be an Amedei. Amedei turns the world’s rarest cocoa beans into a chocolate heaven, using traditional techniques. The ingredients are selected with utmost care (every single bean is purchased!) and when finished, are otherworldly.

Have you had any chocolates that you can’t forget? Tell us!

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