Taste The World In These 7 Dumplings

It’s just a ball of dough, said no one ever! These little, stretchy, bland balls can give us heaven on earth. Don’t believe us? Try dumpling! Dumplings are small, yummy balls of dough that can be steamed, fried or baked – as the eater feels – and can be filled with nothing or everything! Get mentally (and emotionally!) ready to take a tasty dumpling tour with us, where we introduce you to seven world-famous dumplings!

Ravioli – Italy

Taste The World In These 7 Dumplings

Ravioli is a square (or circular, or semi-circular) dumpling traditionally eaten in Italy, but the borders have faded, seeing as it’s too delicious to be confined! A filling of ricotta or other cheeses or vegetables or ground meat (or all of these, TOGETHER), wrapped up in two thin layers of pasta dough, a little bit of easy cooking – and what you have are little Italian ravioli pockets! Ravioli is traditionally served in broth or along side sauce or creamy pasta, and is a world favourite!

Samosa – India

Taste The World In These 7 Dumplings

If you love potatoes as much as we do, samosas are your way to go! These deep-fried dumplings are filled with boiled potatoes, peas and a variety of Indian spices. The filling is enveloped in classic dough into a triangle and cooked. Samosas with coriander or tamarind chutney is a match made in heaven!

Dim Sim – Australia

Taste The World In These 7 Dumplings
Wikimedia Commons / Maksym Kozlenko

Australia’s Dim Sim was inspired by its Chinese brother, Dim Sum. Popularized in Australia by a Chinese immigrant, the Dim Sim dumplings are now a favourite among Australians and (some) New Zealanders. These enclosed wrappers of vegetables (mostly cabbage) or meat and choice seasonings can be boiled, steamed and (even!!) barbecued! They are typically dipped in soy sauce before they find their way into mouths and hearts. 

Empanada – Latin America

Taste The World In These 7 Dumplings

Enjoyed in South America, Portugal, Mexico and the Romance language speaking world in general, an empanada is a mouth-watering pastry stuffed with sweet or savory (whatever you like) filling. These dumplings can be either fried or baked, and usually consist of dough folded over a filling of cheese, tomatoes, corn, meat, or any ingredients you may like. Flour no barrier, either. Wheat flour, corn flour – get creative!

Momos – Nepal, Tibet, China and Northern India

Taste The World In These 7 Dumplings

Momos are the moms of Southeast Asian street food! These classic dumplings are filled with sautéed veggies, cheeses or meat, and are enjoyed with a spicy sauce made of tomatoes (called Momo Chutney!). Traditionally steamed in bamboo baskets, momos have now evolved to be steamed in an everyday steamer. For an extra crisp, momos can also be fried!

Buuz – Mongolia

Taste The World In These 7 Dumplings
Wikimedia Commons / Mizu basyo 

Mongolia and Buuz go hand in hand! These tasty steamed dumplings scream flavourful meat because they are so simply spiced. Buzz usually have an opening at the top and are filled with mutton (traditionally) or with lamb. Vegans shouldn’t fear, there are plenty vegan options available for the buuz, too!

Kimchi Mandu, Korea

Taste The World In These 7 Dumplings
Wikimedia Commons / lazy fri13th

Korea is all about Kimchi. Their favourite dumpling, the Kimchi Mandu, is no different! Spicy and savory, these pockets can be had with broth and soft rice cakes. The Kimchi Mandu dumplings can be found everywhere – on street stalls and in fancy restaurants alike.  The Kimchi Mandu can be boiled, steamed, stir fried or deep fried!

 Tasty very, very!

Think some other dumplings deserve to be in our list? Tell us in the comments below!

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