Hate Germs? Use These Machines To Get Rid Of Them Right Now

Not that safety and cleanliness matter only now due to the pandemic. But of course, Covid has definitely brought the focus back on keeping the germs and viruses away. Irrespective of how many bottles of hand wash you may have devoured in between your palms so far, a little extra focus on some of the other arenas that require germ protection won’t harm too. And for just that,here are top 5 devices you could get home to kill germs. 

Munchkin 59S Nursery Sterilizer

Most toddlers have this tendency to straightaway bite into the toys they play with. Or practically anything and everything interesting they lay their eyes on. With this steriliser not only do you have a handy solution, but you’ve got one that’s surely effective. It uses UVC lights – the same lights that clean operating rooms in hospitals – to clean up to 99 percent germs, viruses and bacteria including E. coli, salmonella, influenza and even the human coronavirus – reportedly. All in a matter of minutes.

PhoneSoap 3

Of all the gadgets dear to us, the ever-so-loyal mobile phone follows us wherever we go. Including our washrooms. Which is why few gadgets demand the kind of urgency that mobile phones do, when it comes to getting sterilised. Nevermind which size the phone is, use the UVC bulbs to sanitise your phone, while charging your phone as well. 

B-Vibe UV Steriliser Pouch

Everyone likes a bit of me time, don’t we? But for devices that we get the most intimate with, isn’t it but fair and logical to say the least, that we sanitise them well? Travel friendly as well. Eliminate all threats emerging out of bodily fluids that cling on to the devices with the UV steriliser pouch. All clear and new in just three minutes. And you’re good to go again!

The Apollo by Smart UV

This device helps you shine rays from its UVC lamp all across the room and you’re good to go. The standing 60 watt lamp can 15 to 60 minute cycles, purifying everything air and surfaces – that it touches upon, of all harmful germs and pathogens. The intelligent sensor on the device ensures it doesn’t harm any humans or pets that come in its way. 

Healthy Night Light 

There’s no golden rule that says so, but intruders do strike in mostly at night time don’t they? Deal with intrusive smoke, pollen, dust and what not at night time with this night light. Perfect for home spaces, senior citizens and children, the built in ionizers in the LED night light cleans air 24*7.

This is a mere selection of some of the things you could do, and some of the products you could pick up to keep your body, home and surroundings clean. And germ free. Take care, folks.  

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