How To Keep Fit While You Are In Office

Most of us have desk jobs and spend almost eight to twelve hours sitting at our desks working continuously on the computer. Sometimes we are not even conscious of our posture. This over time has led to people being fatigued and burned over time. We feel exhausted when we return home after a day of work and we hardly get time to exercise. Because of this, some organizations have introduced or added gyms to their campus. But even after all these efforts people don’t actually have the energy to exercise after office.

But it could be simpler if there was something that you could do during your office time. Well there are some simple things and changes that you can make to keep fit during office.

Carry Your Water Bottle

Carry a water bottle and keep sipping water every now and then. This will keep you hydrated and also keep you from unnecessary snacking. Give the office boy a break and walk around and fill your own bottle. This will give you a break from your work and also walking is a simple exercise that you can do in office.

Pack Your Lunch

It’s time you started to cook and carry your lunch. It is always healthy to cook and eat home cooked food rather than ordering something junk or even eating out of a truck. If you don’t find the time make a weekly menu and prepare you dishes in advance. Over time you will get used to cooking and will enjoy it also. If at all you must order then order a salad with a healthy dressing.

Set A Timer

Set a timer of half an hour and walk around the office every half an hour. If you need something from a colleague then walk over to their desk instead of sending an email or making a call. It will be a simple but helpful physical activity. Get a fitness band to monitor your activity.

Take The Stairs

If you office is on the first or second floor try and take the stairs. If it’s on a higher floor then get out of the elevator two floors below your office and take the stairs. Courage an employee to take breaks with you and walk around the neighborhood or your office building. Most of the offices have a great campus around their buildings with side walks, so take advantage of that.

Desk Exercises

Try some simple desk exercises that you can do while sitting at your desk. These are simple stretching exercises that you can do at your desk, like leg raises, chest openers, neck stretches, etc.

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