Hurrian Hymn – The Oldest Known Written Melody

Ever wondered what was the first song that was written? Well, as far as knowledge goes the Hurrian Hymn was the first song that was ever written. Or you can say it was the first melody that was ever written. The Hymn dates back to around 1400 B.C.E.

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Dünyanın En Eski Şarkısı ; ''Hurri İlahisi'' Ugarit harabelerinde keşfedilen kil tabletler arkeolojide büyük bir öneme sahip. Ugarit, milattan önce, Suriye’nin Ras Shamra bölgesinde yer alıyordu. Depremle yerle bir olan Ugarit, zamanın en önemli ticaret merkezlerinden de biriydi. California Üniversitesi profesörü ve Berkeley Antropoloji Müzesi’nin küratörü Anne Draffkorn Kilmer, M.Ö. 14 yüzyıla dayanan tabletleri 15 yıl boyunca çözmeye çalıştı. Çivi yazısı 36 tablet gün ışığına çıkartıldıktan sonra literatüre ‘Hurri İlahisi’ ismiyle kaydedildi. Asuroloji profesörü Kilmer'a göre, yazıtlardaki melodi tam 3 bin 400 yaşında. Tapınakta keşfedilen ilahi, Ugarit tanrıçası Nikkal için bestelenmiş. Tabletlerde, ilahilerin arpla nasıl çalınacağına dair açıklamalar da mevcut. Arkeologların paha biçilemez kadar değerli olarak betimlediği nota tabletlerinin hepsi bugün Ulusal Şam Müzesi’nde sergilenmekte. #tarih #antikçağ #antiktarih #eskimısır #eskiyunan #eskiroma #mezopotamya #tbt #anadolu #medeniyet #arkeoloji #babil #mitoloji #efsane #Asurlular #Sümerler #takip #takipet #follow #followforfollow #instagood #instagram #arkeoloji #Arkeolog #Hurrianhymn #Hymn #Melody #Melodi #Müzik #Music

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The Hymn was discovered during the 1950s. It was written on a clay tablet and was found in Ugarit, which is now part of Syria. The story goes that the Hymn was dedicated to Nikkal, the Hurrian Goddess of Orchards. The Hymn is almost 3400 years old and is the oldest hymn known to man.

Thirty other such clay tablet fragments were discovered along with this one. But the fragments were not readable and only this Hymn could be reconstructed. It is a wonderful feeling that we have a melody that old. But unfortunately, the composer’s name is not available now.

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{sight reading the Hurrian Hymn} French archeologists excavated a clay tablet in the early 1950's which is believed to be the "sheet music" for this Hurrian Hymn. It is currently the oldest known written music. The tablet was excavated from the site of the ancient city Ugarit, a few miles North of Latakia in Syria. It is dated to about 1400BC and is written with cuneiform signs in the Hurrian language. It records a hymn to the goddess Nikkal, wife of the moon god. The tablet is broken and water damaged and at least four groups of scolars have attempted to interpret the music. This is the arrangement by Clint Goss. Here I play with my harp as I don't have a lyre (yet?) and I use a reed pen as I don't own a bone plectrum. Also if you want to hear a beautiful interpretation please go to Michael Levy website, he plays on replica of ancient instruments, and in the accurate ancient and haunting music modes of this time. #hurrianhymn #theoldestsong #harp #antiquemusic

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The music notations on the tab are not like regular music notes. They are a set of instructions of tunes and intervals to be followed. It is based on a heptatonic diatonic scale. The lyrics are almost impossible to translate. It is said that an academician has come up with a version fo the lyrics as best to his understanding.

You can find several versions of the Hymn being played on a lyre. People have videos of playing the song. The Hurrian Hymn is soothing and a treat for the ears and I’m sure the goddess would have loved it.

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