Is Absurd The New Cool? The Names Of These Locations Will Leave You ROFL!

I haven’t traveled everywhere, but it’s certainly on my list. Staying at home, we were unknowingly granted a fair amount of time to reconcile with ourselves. Quite recently, a close friend quit his job, and upon asking why and what led him to this decision, he told me “it wasn’t what I wanted.” He later added that he will be traveling to Goa around the end of this year for some ‘soul searching’. We remember packing our bags and heading out of the city to ease out a little, get a little break from all things around us to unwind. It’ll be some time before we fall back to it.

Is Absurd The New Cool? The Names Of These Locations Will Leave You ROFL!

Travelling is like self-care. Yes, it’s like putting on a warm coconut sheet mask on a cold night. I miss being in Bombay too. Yes, I like to stick to the old name. The name rolls out with no effort whatsoever, and it’s unintentional, believe me.

On a lighter note, it’s 2021. It’s the year to acknowledge the absurd, learn, and unlearn. I learned things I never knew I would so willingly learn and it doesn’t hurt. It doesn’t hurt to just “go with it”. I didn’t know New York was previously called “New Amsterdam”, “the town of the queen of angels” is Los Angeles. Did you know? Maybe you did, maybe you didn’t. And, honestly, I like calling it New York and Los Angeles. Funnily, we don’t just acknowledge absurd, we’re almost best friends with it.

While we’re at absurd, let’s run through a couple of towns and communities who thought absurd city names would set them apart. Did it, though?

Human beings are practically the same everywhere. We look different, speak different languages, associate, and relate to different things but we’re all attracted to convenience, but sometimes this can be rib-tickling. Imagine telling your friends you’re headed to “Anus” in France. A bit unsettling, eh? Considering all things french are high-toned. In case you’re wondering, Anus is a real city. Talking about classy and all things french, “Bitche” is another commune in France and while we’re at it, “Condom” or “Condom-en-Armagnac” is yet another name of a commune in this oh-so classy country.

Is Absurd The New Cool? The Names Of These Locations Will Leave You ROFL!

America isn’t far behind. “Truth or consequences” is the name of a city in Sierra County, in New Mexico, and not just an evening filled with confrontations with your disloyal lover. There’s a city called “Intercourse” in Pennsylvania and your relatives are not going to question you if you wear a t-shirt that says ‘I love Intercourse’. It won’t be uncomfortable, not at all. There’s “Titty Hill” in England and one thing I know is that it must truly feel like home. There’s “Sandy Balls”, “Scratchy Bottom” and “Upperthong”, all in England. Not sO queen-like, don’t you think?

Is Absurd The New Cool? The Names Of These Locations Will Leave You ROFL!

“Cool” is another community in America and boy, my best friend and I would love to visit. In other news, there is not just one Batman. “Batman” is the name of a city in South-eastern Anatolia, Turkey. Our Gotham city superhero is lowkey disappointed. But why should he be? He’s now made it to Turkey!

For all the stoners, the dopers, there’s a whole lot of “Ganja” in Ganja. Well, there’s a city called “Ganja” in Azerbaijan and it’s not known for what you think it’s known for. Side note- there’s “Bong County” in Liberia. Reefer club, you can also look this way.

Is Absurd The New Cool? The Names Of These Locations Will Leave You ROFL!

For breakfast, there is “Eggs and Bacon Bay” in Tasmania and it sounds inviting. Yes, it’s the city’s real mouth-watering moniker. I mean, how about a long spa session right after breakfast? “Spa” is the name of a town in Belgium and the term “Spa” originated from here. This list of names is only getting interesting and I am not complaining.

Going back to England, the city names are not just weird but lengthy. “Llanfairpwllgwyngyll” is the name of a large village and local government community on the island of Angseley, Wales. Rabbit Hash in Kentucky is a town in the United States that officially consists of “eight buildings and a population of one”. And we were sitting here thinking that it couldn’t get weirder than this.

Talking about food (again), there is a town called “Cookietown” in Oklahoma. According to a popular legend, a small boy, upon receiving a cookie from a shop owner exclaimed “I don’t want to leave Cookietown”, and there you have it. This boy’s simple statement was taken a little too seriously. It has now turned into a ghost town with almost no human activity. So, Cookietown was not exactly serving the best cookies, I think. Maybe we like food and beverage too much. Another town in Mississippi is called Hot Coffee? It is believed that in the 1800s, travelers would stop in this town and they would be served piping hot coffee with ginger cookies by a local who was called Levi Davis. It’s not entirely known anymore but, I’d like to have hot coffee at Hot Coffee. 

Is Absurd The New Cool? The Names Of These Locations Will Leave You ROFL!

How many of these names were you unaware of? Let us know in the comment section below if you know any place that has an absurd name!

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