Judging These Animals By Their Looks Could Be The Last Mistake Of Your Life!

I don’t know about you, but I have a pathologically high tendency of going in for a pet whenever I see large-eyed, smiling animals. So naturally, it bummed me out to find that any of those animals could end me straight away. It seems that nature likes to play games with us, because on one hand there are harmless, benevolent giants who we’re too scared to associate with because of their intimidating looks, and on the other are the adorable, little assassins of nature that will kill you in some circumstances. I just had to share this life-saving information, so make sure you beware of these creatures in your jungle-adventures, no matter how much their puppy-eyes seem to beckon you.

Honey Badger

Judging These Animals By Their Looks Could Be The Last Mistake Of Your Life!

These furry little animals are fearless. No, really, the Honey Badger is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most fearless animal of all. That doesn’t mean that it’ll pick a fight with you, but it won’t be scared to. You see, honey badgers have incredibly tough and loose skin, which works as a great defense mechanism, along with having dangerous claws, and crazy powerful jaws lined with sharp teeth, considered to be good enough to crush a tortoise’s shell. On multiple occasions, they’ve been known to consume snakes and small crocodiles for breakfast, and there are instances when they get into fights with LIONS. Thankfully for us, they usually avoid conflict with humans, but if a human confronts it directly or tries to chase it, a honey badger would have no qualms about overpowering them with their speed and strength. 


Judging These Animals By Their Looks Could Be The Last Mistake Of Your Life!

A platypus? Oh, Perry the DANGEROUS platypus! Yes, as sad as this knowledge is, these weird but adorable creatures do possess some very harmful qualities. From its cute, cuddly looks, you can be sure that it won’t lash out at you with angry claws, but it has something much worse in store- venom. The spurs in its hind legs can deliver mega-stings of poison that can incapacitate a victim for weeks. It won’t kill you, but the excruciating pain that feels like hundreds of hornet stings, is not worth going through. Still want a platypus spy for your Phineas and Ferb fantasy?


Judging These Animals By Their Looks Could Be The Last Mistake Of Your Life!

I mean, with a name like that, you should expect this creature that looks like a bear-cub to be somewhat dangerous, right? It has the same qualities as its marvel namesake, Hugh Jackman’s ferocious Wolverine- it is aggressive, has keen senses, and deadly claws. On the surface, they don’t do much- they eat prey that has been killed by other predators, and are pretty shy. But their reputation of aggressiveness is mostly based on hardiness and confidence, where they’ve been known to face off even large bears. Human encroachment on animal habitats has seen a rise in their temper tantrums, so try not to follow it around and irritate it with your cameras.

Blue-ringed octopus

Judging These Animals By Their Looks Could Be The Last Mistake Of Your Life!

This creature is kind of the manifestation of the saying, “a small spark can start a big fire.” It is tiny and exotic-looking. There should be no reason why you can’t get a picture with it in your hand for the Gram, but there is. It is one of the deadliest creatures on the planet. They live in the coral reefs of the Indo-Pacific ocean, and make up for their size by possessing salivary glands that produce a venom 1000 times more dangerous than cyanide. The experience of its bite is different from that of a platypus. The pain is not as terrible, but it can cause nausea, paralysis, heart failure, and even death. With enough power to kill 26 humans within minutes, and with no known antidote to its bite, you do not wanna try getting close to this adorable freak. Fortunately, it is not a predator, and will only kill  you if cornered or handled directly, so take its blue-ringed skin as a DO NOT DISTURB sign!


Judging These Animals By Their Looks Could Be The Last Mistake Of Your Life!

Raccoons are not aggressive creatures by any means, though they are very weird. Living the ultimate ‘thug life’, fearing nothing when going through trash cans, and creating a neighborhood mayhem in general, they present a different, more human kind of a danger. The cuddly, glassy-eyed looking baby doesn’t even mean harm, but honestly, there’s a reason we don’t dive into garbage for fun. It is disgusting and infectious. A raccoon’s tendency to be adaptable leads it to live in even urban areas, making humans more prone to the dangerous rabies and roundworms it carries on its body. While it wouldn’t directly attack a human, it can attack your pets and cause a bunch of property damage if it’s feeling especially hyperactive. You should try not to confront a raccoon if you see one, especially not to give it pets and kisses. 

There have been instances when the most unexpected of animals have turned out to be extremely dangerous, like lazy pandas, and even playful dolphins (who were found to murder their own offspring at times). Instead of depriving yourself of their cuteness, just do your research before you seek out such animals, especially if they are creatures of the wild. 

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