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  • A baby Pomeranian and little Shih-tzus are absolute delights, but there is an undeniable charm in larger dogs. Be it German Shepherds, Akita Inus or Golden Retrievers, we feel incredibly safe with bodyguard dogs. […]

  • Earlier this month, Bella Hadid walked the runway for Coperni, the Parisian brand that has already made its statement in the world of fashion accessories. But as Hadid appeared from backstage, all she wore was a […]

  • Sociologists agree that the individual is the unit of society, yet few sparse societies and communities honor this individuality. Some say that you only exist when someone knows of you, thinks of you, In all the […]

  • It is no news that the younger generations frown upon hustle culture. What was once in vogue is slowly losing its grip over humanity due to the very fact that it has ended up being meaning overworking and […]

  • Those who love Super Mario Maker know that there is a practically impossible level in the game, not open to players yet. But on September 30 of this year came the news of Trials of Death finally dealt with. After […]

  • The first thing that comes to your mind when you think of chillies and peppers is ah, spicy! Peppers also have pretty common colors – reds, greens, yellows, maybe some orange specs here and there. However, t […]

  • We grew up watching cartoons and reading comics but never thought twice about the disproportionate features of our favorite characters. Who needed characters with perfectly symmetrical faces, consistent eyes and […]

  • Why we love cheese is not unclear. The salty goodness has a dopamine effect on our brains. Not that we are complaining. To tell you just how serious this love for cheese is, consider this: many drugs also release […]

  • In an isolated mountainous village in Southern Bulgaria lives a close-knit Muslim community that prides itself in its centuries old traditions and culture. To visit Ribnovo is to step into ancient life, into a […]

  • All of us have, at some point or the other, wondered what we’d look like if we were the other sex. This is a part of natural human curiosity and, just for that, apps like Snapchat try to transform us into either […]

  • Close your eyes and think… What does a fairytale look like? For some it will be a white world, like heaven. For others, it will be dazzling. Nonetheless, a fairytale is miraculous, something so extraordinary t […]

  • For centuries, the proof of a warrior’s strength has been determined by if he could crawl his way out of a crocodile’s stomach. Truth be told, we wouldn’t count on it. Being swallowed by a giant crocodile, […]

  • In its initiative to reduce plastic pollution and be kinder to our marine buddies, a Philadelphia-based bottler has gone natural in the creation of 6-pack rings. Liberty Coca-Cola Beverages is replacing plastic […]

  • The internet is loving a new genetically-modified fruit, and its reasons are well and valid. Purple tomatoes might be the answer to many of our health woes – the USDA has approved them, and their blueberry-like c […]

  • Did you know? The only marine lizard can hold its breath for 20 minutes, and some more! To put this in perspective, average humans can hold their breath for merely two minutes underwater. But this vibrant lizard, […]

  • Can’t get in the sack? Now you can get it in a pack. In a truly bizarre, somewhat astounding and definite foodgasmic attempt, a company has launched vagina flavored chips so that millennials have at least […]

  • To witness Danjiri Matsuri in Osaka’s Kishiwada is the sight of a lifetime. The aggressive, fervent and passionate festival of cart pulling brings the people together, all pulling floats with a feverish ardor; […]

  • For portraiture, artists would often move to unexplored mediums in order to express the emotion they associate with the human face. Fashion designer and artist Benjamin Shine, however, has mastered the use of the […]

  • Ancient beauties have triggered such deathly wars that we, as post-modern humans, are always left wondering just how beautiful these women must have been. Whether it was Cleopatra or Helen of Troy or Pygmalion, […]

  • Who doesn’t love looking at an appetizing meal? It’s not too far-fetched to say that digestion starts right when we lay our eyes on our food. Perhaps this is why so many culinary shows focus on presentation? […]

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