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  • Popular Cosplay Artist, Michael Knightmage Wilson sits down with us in Yodoozy Chit Chat to share his experiences about cosplaying, some helpful tips for new cosplayers, and much more.

  • Popular Travel Influencer, Jen from Traveling with Soul joins us in Yodoozy Chit Chat to share stories from her travels, finding love, efficiently packing bags and much more. She also offers some quick travel […]

  • Popular Instagram Celebrity Makeup Artist, Lisa Little MUA sits down with us in Yodoozy Chit Chat to talk about her work, life, celebrities, and much more. She also offers some quick help makeup & fashion tips […]

  • Age is just a number when it comes to talent. While some spend years to practice their craft, there are others who are born with a keen eye for detail.

    Our artist in focus this time, is someone who takes great […]

  • 32-year old Victor Vector is a passionate 3D artist and Motion Designer from Moscow, who has worked on creating designs and branding for leading brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Ford, Nokia, BP, Pepsi, […]

  • How many times have you not liked or sent back the meals you received in an airplane? Me? Easily more than 5 times. How many times have you carried your own snack to the plane so you don’t have to make your t […]

  • If there’s one thing that I can tell you about Jazz, it would be that it is one of the most beautiful genres to jam to when you are in one of those moods where you just want to sit by the window and have a g […]

  • A major event, a festival, an anniversary, or a major milestone in pop-culture – there’s nothing that escapes Google Doodles when it comes to paying a worthy tribute. And the digital audience, who are always on t […]

  • We’ve moved a quarter into 2018, and we know you’ve been waiting for this list. So, without any more delay, here are the 8 design trends we believe would have a great impact on the coming […]

  • Let’s get this straight, if your title doesn’t fit in four letters or less, you are just peacocking. And it’s not just you, it’s pretty much every second profile on my wall, and I’m sure yours as well. […]

  • Ancient Egypt was a magical civilization. If you are in for some history, you would be surprised to learn how advanced and progressive the ancient Egyptians were. Not only did they regularly invent new things, but […]

  • The heart does as it pleases. We all look for love and it is true that love can be found in the most unusual of places, but unfortunately sometimes the person who approaches you is not just the one for you. He […]

  • Marketing spoils advertising. In fact, marketing spoils everything. Marketing is the reason your newspaper is thicker in size and thinner in its concentration on actual news. Marketing is the reason you frequently […]

  • Time has passed but everything is still fresh in mind. There is nothing that can bring me to forget how it all started. Who could have thought that such an innocent girl like me was capable of leaving her home […]

  • I’ve never been a financial savvy guy. I’ve not had a keen eye on investments, or on numbers. Stockpiling money, or what the ‘smart’ people call financial robustness has always felt a bit vulgar, or selfish […]

  • I’ve been a relentless champion of ‘digital’ in India for the last decade. I’ve championed it, I’ve propagated it, I’ve held it in high regard. It was the place i found solace from chasing 100cc ads, and 10 sec […]

  • Your phone cover tells a lot about your personality. From the color to the design and pictures on it, it is easy to tell what kind of a person you are. That is why you should choose your iPhone cover very c […]

  • In our lives, there are some moments that are hard to forget and no matter how old we get, these moments stay buried in our hearts and memories. We cherish them with a smile, even if they didn’t go as planned at t […]

  • This economy has seen to it that we all are always busy. This sometimes keeps us from those we love to the extent we no longer have time for our spouses. You can make up for lost time by simply planning a va […]

  • With the current economic scenario, couples do have a tight schedule. As a result, opportunities to socialise are hard to come by. Throwing a party can be a welcome break that you need to forget about your work […]

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