Top 10 Office Wear Essentials (For Men) You Need To Shop Now

Wearing a sleek suit at work can be a road to success, even though what we wear doesn’t define who we are. What a successful man chooses to wear at office reflects his esteem, diligence and accomplishment. There is much to dressing well for a job interview, business meetings, or a client meeting. Making your wardrobe all equipped for office grooming would be simpler, fun and inexpensive than you might think.

Here are the top 10 office wear essentials that you should get yourselves for a modern, fresh and professional as you get ready for back to the office.

Coloured Button-Down Shirt

When you think of wearing a coloured shirt at the office, it shouldn’t necessarily have to be solid tints but anything that adheres to the same sort of thought process that informs your work. You can go for patterns and multi-coloured pieces, especially when it comes to dressing for a laid-back office in industries like media, tech or advertising. Wearing a solid colour shirt or polka dots or gingham pattern shirt underneath a dark suit makes you look creative and playful. You can incorporate the best trends in your daily office outfit by going for colour block shirts while pairing a coloured button-down shirt with your waistcoat with a complementary tie will give a sharp and amazing look.

Tees With Suits

Tees are undoubtedly a great outfit to incorporate in your workplace grooming and every man would always have some tees in their wardrobe. There would be nothing like a pure white tee to easily pair with your suit patterns and colours to pull off a neutral looking shade. A black tee is a nice and crisp option to wear underneath green or grey tailoring, but avoid it with a black suit that gives an all-over black look. A Breton tee underneath navy linen suits a great option that you can wear to the office in the summer.

Ties For A Subtle Look

There is no better business professional attire than a tie to express your personality while making for a subtle look. You can express your emotions or political views at work with the colour you choose for your tie, and wearing a matching suit and shirt. You can have a set of different ties in your wardrobe so that you can wear the same suit and shirt at the office with changes in the overall look. A navy tie and a bright orange tie will be quite different with a white shirt underneath a navy suit. While wearing a tie, you should tighten it up and conceal its knot and always conceal your shirt’s collar behind it.

Dark Denim Jeans

Skinny jeans would be ideal to make you look stylish at work, but you can also go for a pair of straight-cut, dark denim that is trendy right now. You have many options to pair them with such as polo, graphic tee or a sports coat. Dark denim jeans are an ultimate no-brainer that is perfect for those who are timid about clothing. The budget for your denim should be based on where you buy it from. While you can find low-cost jeans in stores like H&M and American Eagle, expensive denim that have heavy whiskering and fading can be found at Gucci and Levi Strauss.

Cashmere Sweater

The cashmere sweaters have got a design to revisit with amazingly affordable, accessible and even masculine cashmere sweaters that are perfect as workwear. The super-soft, classic and warm fabric of cashmere sweater makes it ideal for a casual Friday around the office in colder months. The versatility of this clothing makes it occupy a significant space in your wardrobe. If you are looking for styles of cashmere sweaters that would last, you should avoid patterns and go for solid, classic colours like dark red, navy, black, brown and cream. As cashmere sweaters require special wash care depending on the fabric blend, you should check the care instructions while buying. Cashmere blended with another fabric is ideal for regular wash and hang drying.

Khakis Or Chinos

A pair of casual fitting light-coloured pants should be in every man’s wardrobe. This clothing is less casual than a pair of jeans and gives you a polished look without making you feel as dressed up as suit pants. Go for Khakis that doesn’t have pleats in the front so that it can pair with almost anything. Flat front khakis and chinos will keep you looking slim and trim while pleated pants switches in and out of style. Go for wrinkle-free chinos so that you can avoid the trouble of ironing. While you are looking to purchase a pair of khakis or chinos you really love, you should also look for excellent buyer ratings on respective websites.

Right Accessories

You have to start adding accessories that complement in showing-off your style and personality. While going for accessories from pocket squares to belts, make sure that you can keep them for years to uplift your business casual look. You may get yourself a dress belt for your casual outfit and leather belt for a formal outfit.


Every man despite their job should have a well-made timepiece that looks great with any formal outfit. Whether you go for a watch with leather or a metal band it should have a clean face that shows off your personal style. You should avoid wearing your fun plastic watches to the office unless for casual events or weekends. You should buy a clean and professional-looking watch that you can afford.

Dress Shoes

It is essential to have a pair of shoes that goes well with your professional business attire. A pair of professional oxford shoes will be an ideal choice for your dress shoes, particularly for formal wear. You can go for black or brown leather shoes so that it looks great with suits, khakis and sports coats. Another wise dress shoe addition to your wardrobe would be the less formal loafers, especially if you work in an office that doesn’t have a business professional dress code.

Classic Polo

Polo shirts would be a neutral alternative between button-up shirts that can be too formal and t-shirts that are too casual. They combine both formal and casual styles to give you an extra dose of class at your workplace. Add polos with subtle patterns in your closet, so that you can express your style without getting too far outside the box. Polo shirts are good to be paired with dark jeans and a casual sweater in the winter and shorts in the summer. Polos can be among the most versatile clothing that you can wear under a cardigan or long-sleeve casual button-up.

These well-made office wear basics will be a good investment that can last forever, even though some of the items are way expensive. Choosing the right pieces of clothing can help you groom in trendier outfits. You can always groom for a polished and appropriate look at the office by adding the right foundation to your wardrobe.

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