The 5 Most Sublime Metro Stations Around The World To Make Your Journeys Bask In Wonder

Some will think of metro stations as dirty and dismal, many will even try to stay away or, if they have to take a metro, will find a distraction in order to avoid looking at what lies around.

The 5 Most Sublime Metro Stations Around The World

But these places where our journeys end and begin thrive with a vibe of their own, and some of them around the world can be hauntingly beautiful in themselves. To make the pauses in your course beautiful when you visit these places, or just to make you wander around the marvels while looking at your screen, we are here today with the five most spectacular metro stations in the world that will allow you to experience the sublime.

The City Hall Station Of New York City, USA

The 5 Most Sublime Metro Stations Around The World
Wikimedia Commons / Rhododendrites

The Old City Hall Station in NYC has been closed since 1945, but you can still visit this abandoned spectacle by taking a sanctioned tour. Tickets sell only thrice a year, though.

As the story goes, during the first week of its opening, one million people had passed the City Hall Station. But what makes this particular place top our list are the extravagant wrought iron chandeliers, brass fixtures, Guastavino-tiled arches and three skylights. Even though this station operated only for 40 years(1904-45), it’s still seeked out by our contemporaries not only as a space full of rich history, but also as the most magnificent architecture NYC has to offer.

Formosa Boulevard Of Kaohsiung, Taiwan

The 5 Most Sublime Metro Stations Around The World
Wikimedia Commons / Zairon

Known by lovers as the dome of light, the Formosa Boulevard is a sight to behold for the mere fact that it is the largest glass-work in the world. Designed by the Italian maestro artist Narcissus Quaglianta, the themes of the station are the four elements – air, water, fire and the earth – the dome consisting of 4.500 glass panels and spanning around an area of 30 metre diameter. Choosing to demonstrate messages such as love and compassion, and relating the story of life, the Formosa Boulevard is one of its kind and should make it to your bucket list!

Zoloti Vorota Of Ukraine

The 5 Most Sublime Metro Stations Around The World
Wikimedia Commons / AMY 

A metro station that looks pretty much like a castle? KYIV’s Zoloti Vorota is known as one of the ten most beautiful metro stations in the world, and is full of mosaics, arcs and vestibules. Some walls and the fake windows on them that have candle-like lights transport you into an ancient, dreamy castle – the surroundings none less – the area made of curves, consisting of portraits of kings and princes and, delightfully, mythical creatures. Grand chandeliers hanging from the ceiling complete this metro-palace where all your wishes and desires to ever have seen an ancient castle are fulfilled.

Solna Centrum Station Of Stockholm, Sweden

The 5 Most Sublime Metro Stations Around The World
Wikimedia Commons / David Sandoz

A metro station known for its fiery landscape art, the Solna Centrum Station of Stockholm is the artist’s and spectator’s delight for its indelible beauty and idiosyncratic vibrancy. Hard to miss, the artist’s original plan was only to dunk the place in red and green, but the ones who came after have decorated this station with houses, trees, even rivers – all resulting in a breathtaking landscape-like view. The sudden burst of colours might blind you for a second but, rest assured, the eyes adjust and the heart expands in joy at the utter brilliance.

Plac Wilsona of Warsaw, Poland

Wikimedia Commons / Magdalena Roeseler

A lover of modern and contemporary art may find chandeliers and mosaics quite unsettling, which is where the Plac Wilsona comes in. A slice of pleasure for all of us who find joy in modernity, the Plac Wilsona has won many awards for its architecture. Often you might feel like this place is haunted by UFOs, the elliptical circles that highlight the ceiling are enough for any space enthusiast to start hoping for the trains that travel from here to be space shuttles, the futuristic design only making our longing stronger and subtler, all the same. 

As architecture reaches new heights and we get introduced to the wonderful structures it offers, it is undoubted that the future will invite metro stations much more marvellous than the ones that already leave us stunned. 

Which of these stations would you like to see for yourself? Tell us below!

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