The 7 Unusually Cool, Well-Paying Jobs You Can Try Your Hand At!

Is sitting for hours over hours in front of a computer not your thing? Do you belong somewhere else, like in bed, in ice-cream parlours OR out of the country?

Today, we’re here to tell you about seven out-of-the-box jobs that actually pay pretty well. For some, you might need a special degree, but can apply to others randomly!

Chief tasting Officer

unusual jobs that pay well

Sounds pretty made up, if you ask us, but food tasting is a legit job! What exactly does it entail?Well, train your taste buds to detect as many flavours as possible, try out different combinations, get intricate with the details. Tasting Officers do just that. If you’re good with the most minute details of food and have the right educational and professional background, you can earn up to $75,000 a year. WHAT? TASTING FOOD CAN MAKE ME SO MANY MONIES? Yep

Warm my bed and take my money

unusual jobs that pay well

Some people have a lot of money to spare, which is why they hire professional Bed Warmers. 

What even is that?

It’s in the name. Professional bed warmers do just what the name says – they warm a random person’s bed before our person jumps in. 

What’s the point, you may ask?

Some of us hate cold beds, okay? 

A professional bed warmer can  make upto $200,00 a year. DUDE, WHAT?

Master Pot Extractor

unusual jobs that pay well

Yes. By pot, we mean marijuana.

And what exactly does a Master marijuana extractor do to earn $50,000–$85,000 annually? They process pot, simple as that. They process it to extract oils, concentrates and other pot products. Now, of course, you will need a degree in the related field.

Art Therapist

unusual jobs that pay well

Love art? Love psychology? The role of an art therapist will fit you perfectly. 

Making $20-$50 per hour, art therapists help patients with their self-esteem, and other issues by encouraging expression through art. Art therapy is an alternative therapy practice and has helped thousands of people heal. You’ll need a degree or a diploma to become an art therapist.

Get paid to travel

unusual jobs that pay well

This is THE dream job, and it’s very real! If you love travelling and find it hard to meet the expenses, you can apply for travel blogging jobs. Flights? Paid. Accomodation? Paid. FOOD? Paid! 

You also get hourly wage or stipend, depending on your position at the organisation. What do you have to do? Take beautiful pictures and videos, and write articles on the places you visit! That’s it. : )

Personal Shopper

unusual jobs that pay well

If you have a strong knowledge of fashion, you might like being a personal shopper! Sounds pretty made up, yes, but it’s a real thing. All you have to do is learn everything you can about fashion, trends, pricing and tailoring, and you’re all set! An additional degree in fashion will always help you make more money. On an average, personal shoppers in the US make anything between $30,000-$70,000.


unusual jobs that pay well

Hippotherapy is a lot like art therapy, except it involves horses. The galloping motion of the horse improves motor and sensory function by providing input. This physical and speech therapy is used for patients with physical and mental disorders. High-end hypnotherapists make more than $80,000 annually!

Know about other cool, unusual jobs that pay well that should be on our list? Tell us below!

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