There Is A Matryoshka-Shaped Hotel At The Border Of China And Russia

Not to be creepy or something but can you imagine a place that is full of giant matryoshkas? I’m talking about a place full of these dolls that can be the size of a building! Yeah, such a place exists, only it’s not creepy at all, in fact, I just realized the opening of this article must have given a different context, right?

Well, let’s start over again, I’m talking about a place matryoshka shaped hotel, which is highly famous for its unique approach when it comes to giving a theme. Matryoshka Square or Russian Taowa Square is one of the best examples of a place that is a prime representation of cross-culture destinations. Yes, hear me out on this one, Matryoshka is an amusement park and a mall in a city called Manzhouli which is in China. The doll I’m talking about here is a Russian doll and by the way, this place, officially has the biggest matryoshka doll in the world, with a height as long as 30 meters, it’s quite obvious. So, hold on, for people who are thinking, but why all those dolls in China? Well, that’s where the cultural mix comes in, the place is near the Chinese and Russian border, hence the mix!

matryoshka shaped hotel
Wikimedia Commons / 刘贤永

This huge matryoshka, is surrounded by eight smaller ones and it does not stop there as they too are then surrounded by 200! Yes, 200 even smaller matryoshkas. The dolls that you can buy, no not the bigger ones, of course, are made not only in China but in Russia as well.

The dolls in some places are way too creative, I mean, there is a section where they have placed a doll with the face of Vladimir Lenin next to a doll with the face of Nelson Mandela, okay, nothing to say here. The biggest matryoshka we were talking about before, yes, the official ‘biggest in the world’ one, well, guess what, if you love the idea enough, then you do have an option to stay in it. ‘How’ you ask, well, it’s also a running hotel! The place is full of shops where you can buy little key chains for the same or cute dolls that can be carried! If that was not enough, the place also has a Russian circus so circus lovers need not be sad, they took care of you as well.

If you visit China, make sure to visit this matryoshka shaped hotel, I mean, you might not be visiting Russia but the place will give the feel, right, vice-versa if you are visiting Russia!

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