This Man’s Knife-Making Skills Will Leave You Spellbound And A Little Confused!

In this episode of “How does Japan manage to produce so much talent?”, let’s turn to the platform where all kinds of artists find their home- YouTube. There are people with such unusually satisfying ideas and skills, like weird sound effects, DIY hacks, relaxing cooking and so much more. Among them is Kiwami, a man from Japan whose superpower is strange but captivating. He’s an artisan, a fabricator, a magician, and a scientist who can make a knife out of anything. I mean it.

This Man's Knife-Making Skills Will Leave You Spellbound And A Little Confused!

Cardboard? Easy. Pasta? Deliciously strong knife. Aluminum foil? Yep. Glue?! Hmm, OF COURSE! Your level of wonder will keep on increasing as you browse through his videos and so will the bizarreness of his creations. And remember, these aren’t some weak, makeshift knives that barely withstand any pressure. These are strong knives that Kiwami demonstrates can cut through stuff easily!

Jell-O has properties basically opposite to that of a knife, right? Well, not for this YouTuber! Watch him turn this soft, squishy treat into a hardened weapon!

The best part about his videos is that even though it is slow, you cannot help but watch on if you have started. The bewilderment of how could he possibly just convert stuff into a knife, like it was magic, leaves you wanting answers. For example, smoke isn’t even a properly formed, solidified object, is it? Watch how Kiwami creates a cool, gothic knife out of smoke and bone!

There is an element of stress relief, too. There are no loud sounds (except soft ASMR) and no flashy views which put pressure on the mind. You can just relax, watching how he gently does something unbelievable. Here, he has used everyone’s favorite sweet delight- Chocolate! Being conscious of the current times, he has incorporated some germ-killing substances too in making this beautiful chocolate knife!

Sure, there doesn’t seem to be any NEED for what he’s doing. But there is something so creative, so admirable, and so hypnotic about watching him work that it becomes a form of self-care. He’s turning eggs into knives now. I think we might’ve reached the pinnacle of out-of-the-box thinking here.

He has a clean, subtle workspace that he features in his videos, and with the lack of any sudden movements or sounds, it seems like the thing you’d want to watch before you sleep. But don’t doze off in the middle, or you might miss the chance to go ‘WOAH’ when this alchemist defies the laws of chemistry and physics to create a knife out of SEAWATER!

You can check out other such videos on Kiwami’s YouTube channel- Kiwami Japan.

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