Top 10 Classic Games Reinvented For Your Phone

Most of or modern video games have evolved from yesteryear classics. Most of which we whiled away time playing on the old keypad phones. Most of the hit classic games however have been discontinued by their developers as they were designed for specific consoles, arcade machines or CD-ROMs. 

You can still experience some of the best classic games from your childhood as their developers have redesigned if for smartphones for on-tap nostalgia. Here are top 10 classic games reinvented for your phones.

Space Invaders

Space Invaders' website corrals aliens in a new web portal - Polygon

The shooting game published by TAITO Corporation is a recreation of the 1978 arcade game of the same name created by Tomohiro Nishikado. The graphics of the game doesn’t match up to the modern blockbuster games but has addictive and timeless gameplay that takes you back to its classic charm. The game is reproduced even with joystick and buttons at the bottom of the screen to give a mobile experience almost similar to the original arcade game. The game is almost an exact replicate of the original arcade game with an on-screen fire button with three options for controlling the laser and additional tilt control for iOS.

Rollercoaster Tycoon Classic

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The construction and management simulation video game Rollercoaster Tycoon Classic is a recreation of the original RollerCoaster Tycoon games that simulate micro-managing of an amusement park. The game engages the player to build or revitalize the theme park by adding rides, attractions, facilities, paths, landscaping, and staff to manage the park. The game released by Atari for mobile has adapted features from the previous two PC games and seems like a blast from the past with the original pixelated, isometric art style. The game features build and design tools and various rides and amenities from the previous games and an adjusted menu system that adapts to your phone screen.

Prince of Persia: Escape

Prince of Persia: Escape review - "A game that doesn't want to be ...

The casual mobile game Prince of Persia Escape published by Ketchapp takes you back to the original Prince of Persia released in 1989 for the Apple II, featuring ground-breaking graphics for its time. The free-to-play game for Android and iOS has a lot of gameplay, visual touches, and overall feel from the original game. The game lets you play as an eponymous prince tasking you to dodge spikes, jump gaps, defeat enemies, and escape from various dungeons. The core gameplay is similar to the original jumping over traps with more modern mobile elements.

Crazy Taxi Classic

Crazy Taxi Classic (Mobile) Review! | Sonic the Hedgehog! Amino

Crazy Taxi Classic is an open-world arcade driving game created by Sega. The game adapted from the hugely popular Dreamcast classic game Crazy Taxi that first appeared in arcades and then on consoles is one of the best classic games for Android and iOS. The game combines high-speed driving action, attention-grabbing visuals, and booming original music from the original game. The game proceeds through traffic packed streets, hurdle off parking garages and the player is tasked to deliver passengers in the quickest time while pulling in as many crazy stunt bonuses as you can. The game is available free for Android and iOS, with a $2 upgrade to remove ads.

Sonic the Hedgehog Classic

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Classic for Android - APK Download

The adventure race game Sonic the Hedgehog Classic is one of the top classic games for Android and iOS adapted from the 1991 game, Sonic which is the very first one in the series. The game lets you play as a prickly mammal tasked to further at high speeds through the colourful levels by collecting as many rings as you can. The game also features a recently added Time Attack mode, in which you race against the clock to beat any levels in the shortest time possible. The game is available for free on Android and iOS devices with a $2 upgrade to remove ads.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

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The action-adventure game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas published by Rockstar Games is one of the best old iPhone games adapted from the original console game of the same name released in 2004. The game stages the return of the protagonist Carl Johnson to his home city of Los Santos. The game is remastered for mobile with high-resolution graphics features such as lighting enhancements, enriched colour palette and enhanced character models. San Andreas is one of the best editions in the Grand Theft Auto series with a bigger map and a story more engaging than the previous ones.  San Andreas is the first GTA game that gives the ability to swim and climb.

Mega Man

Mega Man Mobile: A Mega Disappointment (Review)

The game is the mobile version of the original Mega Man, the action-packed classic released on NES in 1987. The game allows you to play a piece of gaming history as the titular humanoid robot, tasked to fight across six levels of obstacles and enemies. Certain elements will differ from the original Mega Man as it is optimised for mobile in its gameplay and difficulty levels. Mega Man Mobile is as fun and engaging as the original game with each level of the game ending in a boss match where you can choose a new attack mode to reach the grand finale. The game is available to download on Android and iOS devices.

Metal Slug 3

METAL SLUG 3 - Apps on Google Play

The run and gun video game Metal Slug developed by SNK takes you back to the original Metal Slug experience when arcades were still a thing. The 2D side-scrolling shooter tasks you to clear a wave of monsters. The game is remastered for mobile with the same cool weapon upgrades and power-ups, except that you use your thumbs instead of a joystick. Metal Slug 3 is the best game Metal Slug series as it brought a bit of extra depth by maintaining the spirit of the earlier games. The game has a classic arcade mode and a mission mode that allows you to select the stage you want to play in.


How to Play the Classic Snake '97 Game on Android, iOS, & Windows ...

I dare you to tell me you don’t know this one. The Snake ’97 published by dsd164 is a homage to the classic mobile phone game Snake programmed in 1997 with dot-matrix display and monotone sounds. The game is one of the best classic phone games that are as addictive as the original to give you nostalgia. The free-to-play game has simple mechanics yet is ridiculously addictive. The game combines old school controls, 9 original and 3 extra difficulty levels and 7 classic game modes. Snake ’97 remake is one of the most accurate game reinventions with carefully analysed classic gameplay, timing and controls.


PAC-MAN - Apps on Google Play

The mobile version of the world-famous arcade video game, PAC-MAN, is one of the longest-running, best-selling, and highest-grossing video game franchises in history. The PAC-MAN mobile version is one of the best classic games on Android and iOS that lets you relive your childhood or allow the younger generation to take part in the celebration. ith swipe controls and an onscreen joystick, the game tasks you to guide PAC-MAN through the maze to eat all the pac-dots and fruits while avoiding the pesky Ghost Gang.

Half as excited as we are to revisit the classics?

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