Top 6 Cities In The World You Should Definitely Live In

There are tons of amazing and influential cities out there and they do leave their mark on you but when it comes to choosing a city to spend your life in or settle down, here are the ones that come to mind and top that list. 

The major standards for judgement here are stability, healthcare, culture & environment, education, and infrastructure.

6. Tokyo

Source : Wikimedia Commons/Basile Morin

Tokyo is one of the best cities to live in due to ample number of reasons. It has advanced technology to provide you with a smooth lifestyle and a very refined and competent education system which enables you to get access to the best schooling.

Tokyo is an immense pool of job and career opportunities and has excellent  medical facilities as well. Not only this, it was named “the safest city” by the Economist Intelligence Unit in the year 2019 has has an extremely low crime rate. Tokyo has a great night life.

It also proves to be an extremely clean and hygienic city along with pleasant weather and a convenient lifestyle, making it a breezy place to spend your life in.

5. Vancouver

Source : Wikimedia Commons/Kalamazadkhan

Vancouver is one of the best cities to live in North America. This Canadian residence does have a slightly higher living cost but there are so many things you get in return.

Vancouver has a heath oriented lifestyle and thus has one of the lowest ranking when it comes to obese people. The scenic view you get here is mesmerizing and jaw-dropping. Public education is free for certain sets of people and the education policies here are great.

Vancouver is extremely diverse in its culture and ethnicity and you will find the nicest people here! Public transport is a controversial issue but it depends on the time and place. The environment and nightlife here is outdoor-orientation. The weather and rains( November-March) are probable for a lot of people because getting used to it is hard but rest of the year is pleasant. 

When here, don’t forget to visit Stanley Park!

4. Melbourne

The first thing we would advise you is to explore the lanes and alleyways, they are magnificent!

You will find things you’d never seen before. Melbourne is a culturally vibrant, accepting and diverse city with people who practically worship AFL.

It is relatively affordable when you know where to look and offers a great student life, promising future plans and is viable for startups. Although my favourite would still be a cup of coffee there! It is also a relatively safer and cheaper city as compared to others.

The healthcare department is efficient as well. Public transport, although, is not great and the main source of trouble. Overall it is a great place and one of Australia’s best although you won’t ever get to say that ‘winter is coming’ because winters here last forever!

3. Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a beautiful place with a safe and nurturing environment. It is a livable city rather great to live in because it provides a great lifestyle. It is a fun filled place with great food culture.

It is calm, serene and peaceful. You’ll also find too many cyclists around the city do not forget to check out and explore the beautiful canals and the scenic places

. Education here is a key priority and the schemes and provision for students are exemplary. The student life is happy and promising and jobs are easier to find as well. If you are looking for a breezy and relaxed life, Copenhagen is the place! 

2. Zurich

Source : Wikimedia Commons/Roland zh

Zurich is a great place to work as well as live. It is safe, free and alive. Zurich offers you unlimited options and alternatives when it  comes to entertainment and is filled with galleries, parks, museums and theaters.

Zurich is a global center for banking and finance. The living cost here is definitely high but so is the quality of life. Also, pick-pocketing is common in public places so it won’t hurt to be a little too careful.

You will experience a wholesome culture of Switzerland here. All in all, Zurich is famous for its posh lifestyle, shopping and chocolates!

1. Vienna

Source : Wikimedia Commons/Maximilian Handl

Vienna has everything you are looking for! Vienna is clean, safe, affordable, beautiful, posh, mesmerizing and so much more. It has great connectivity as well as transportation and offers so much to do so that you never get bored. The quality of life here is amazing and affordable as well.

Healthcare here is free for people with Austrian insurance and freedom is plenty without question. Water quality is good too, in case you are wondering. Also, do not miss checking out all these great and renowned tourist spots, you will be awed. There is so much good in Vienna that it’s not even a question why it’s always at the top!

There are more than just these 6 cities and evolving is definitely the way of life but these have proven themselves worthy to make the cut so far.  Canada, Japan and Australia continue reigning over this category and these 6 are on top for so many reasons. I feel it’s time to make moving plans!

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