What Is The Perfect Time To Start Training Your Puppy ?

So, you have finally decided to bring home a puppy or you have already brought it home. We are often worried about the right age to start training our puppy. Generally, when we bring a puppy to home, we are too excited. We just keep enjoying and laughing as our puppy is exploring his/her new home. It plays with different objects try to eat anything he can. All this is normal and part of growth for a dog. But we also need to be careful that our puppy might develop bad habits or put itself in danger or start dominating us (common in some breeds).

Why Do You Need To Train Your Puppy?

What Is The Perfect Time To Start Training Your Puppy ?

Training a puppy is not a written rule but more of a personal choice. But an untrained puppy can be dangerous for us, society and even for himself. Every dog should have a basic training and how much advance one needs to go can be an individual choice. A puppy who has undertaken its basic obedience training is easy to handle and safe around everyone. It will also help you to manage your dog in a better way. Since a trained dog will listen to your commands it prevents any unpleasant incidents with your dog. Most importantly trained dogs tend to live a longer and healthier life.

When Should You Start Training Your Puppy?

There is no perfect age for puppy to start the training. We generally bring puppy to our home when it is 8 to 10 weeks old. That is great time to start the basic obedience training. The dog may be 10 week or 10 years old. It does not matter you can start the training. The difference is how you train puppies of different ages.

The brain of a puppy is completely developed in 7 weeks. Additionally, the grasping capability of puppies is substantially higher than a grown-up dog. A small puppy is easy to handle and has a never-ending desire to learn. On the other hand, a grown-up dog has had its experiences through all these years. This can affect how he reacts to getting trained.

What Is The Perfect Time To Start Training Your Puppy ?

So, when a puppy is about 8 weeks old you can start elementary obedience commands like sit and stay.

Once a puppy is 10 weeks you can add some complex commands (hold and leave) also You can start brain training your puppy at this age. An easy way to brain train puppy is by hiding its treat beneath an opaque glass and let it find and eat it. Slowly empty glasses can be added as the puppy progresses.

At 12 weeks you can go for more advance training and exercises. Moreover, this is the perfect time to start socialising your puppy. Socialising not only involves other dogs but also humans. A well socialised puppy grows up as a confident dog. You would be very comfortable taking him outdoors and dog parks if the puppy is properly socialised at the right time.

After this you can just go to any limits you want. You want to make it a service dog, police or working dog, show dog, athlete anything. Your dog has now a strong base and it is ready to take up any challenge.


What Is The Perfect Time To Start Training Your Puppy ?

So, we can conclude that starting the puppy training as soon as you bring the puppy home (8 weeks) is a good idea. Along with training you need to look after other factors including diet and puppy’s interaction with you. You must make sure the you interact with your pet. The pets will me more confident with you and more responsive in training by doing this.

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