What Role Will You Have At The Famous 99th Precinct?

Take our quiz to know which character will you be from Brooklyn 99 and go to the Shaw’s Bar, to shout NOINE-NOINE on top of your lungs with other precinct officers.


  1. 1 Do you obsess to work hard for your job?

    1. Yes, hard work is the key to perfect life and future!
    2. Always, I love my job so much!
    3. Yes, I wouldn't be where I am today without hard-work!
    4. No,Who cares when somebody else can do my work!
    5. Nah, my job's boring!
    6. It doesn't matter if I get my work done!
    7. Yes, My job and My colleagues are my only life.
    8. I don't work hard,I train Hard!
  2. 2 How will you handle a serious situation?

    1. I eliminate the serious out of the situation!
    2. I see a serious situation...I run!
    3. What, we have a situation?
    4. I will analyse and make a record of what is happening.
    5. Serious situation is over the moment I enter!
    6. Every situation is serious and I treat them alike.
    7. I need to protect myself for my family first!
    8. Lol,no situation is ever serious!
  3. 3 How well do you take criticism?

    1. I invented criticism!
    2. I cry all day and never get over it!
    3. I PANIC!!
    4. I usually end up in jail afterward!
    5. I have been taking criticism since the day I was born!
    6. I introspect and work hard!
    7. I am perfect!
    8. I don't care!
  4. 4 How well do you know your best friend?

    1. More than you know anything, my best friend are my books!
    2. Me and my best friend share our feet fungus!
    3. My best friend is my dog!
    4. Everything, but my best friend doesn't think I am his best friend!
    5. I love my best friend to moon and back!
    6. I used to have a best friend...........
    7. My family is my best friend and I know them too well!
  5. 5 Who is your idol?

    1. Rihanna.
    2. My Best-friend.
    3. Yoda.
    4. Martin Luther King, Jr.
    5. Nobody can influence me.
    6. Bruce Wills.
    7. Eisenstein, Newton.
    8. Myself.
  6. 6 Where do you see yourself in the future?

    1. President of the United States of America.
    2. Eating free food in a restaurant.
    3. Living on a Hawaiian Island.
    4. I don't see myself, I know where I will be.
    5. Crying after sending my kids to college.
    6. As the head of the organisation.
    7. As a mature adult.
    8. Finally moving to my mom's basement.

What Role Will You Have At The Famous 99th Precinct?

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  1. Quiz result

    Detective -Charles Boyle

    You are a Detective!

    You are hardworking yet un-appreciated but are the most loyal one and without a Charles, the precinct won't be half as fun.

    You are a little too clingy and speak your heart out without thinking, but that's what makes you honest and sweet. One thing we all can learn from you is to never be prideful. You are one for the family and would take a bullet for people who you love the most.

    You are the partner in crime which everybody wants!

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  2. Quiz result

    Detective - Jake Peralta

    You are a Detective!

    You are immature but a genius, who loves to goof around and the shining star of a room. You don't let your emotions take over you and have a care-free way of life as you may say your life is TOIT!

    You love the attention and good competition to show your worth, even though you know how to work you fall out on knowing the rule book which at times can cause problems

    You love everybody around you too much to express it openly.

    You are the heart of the 99th precinct!

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  3. Quiz result

    Police Sergeant- Amy Santiago

    You are the Police Sergeant!

    Your career is a result of your hard work and passion, you don't take a no for any situation. You might get a little too desperate for approval and wisdom making you stuck awkward situations.

    You are a protector and a helper, who loves to show her knowledge and experience. Perfection in life is your motto and you make sure that everybody around you gets inspired by the same.

    We love an Amy!

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  4. Quiz result

    Captain- Raymond Holt

    You are a Captain!

    Hot Damn! You are Ray Holt, you love everything in order and you boast of the experiences you have had in your life which have made you stronger than ever.

    You never shy out on speaking on things that are important to you and you want to bring a change in this world through your actions.

    You are serious but you are SAVAGE! Your job is the most important thing to you and even though you don't show so many emotions you are on the most sensitive and caring person in the precinct.

    Everybody wants Holt as their leader!

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  5. Quiz result

    Lieutenant - Terry Jeffords

    You are a Lieutenant!

    As tough as you might seem from your looks, you are as soft and sweet as your yogurt from your soul! As terry, you love your work and your family and sometimes you love you, family, too much you wouldn't risk your life.

    Your working ethics and commitment is what inpires everybody around you, even though you hide your emotions very well they often take better off you.

    For you, your squad is  of utmost importance and you keep pushing them to be at their best!

    You are the glue that holds the precinct together!

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  6. Quiz result

    Detective- Rosa Diaz

    You are a detective!

    You might be a little difficult to understand and you are a very private person when it comes to sharing deets about yourself, which can intimidate a lot of people.

    Despite that, your squad is your family and have your friends back always. You are a tough person and one of the smartest one in the gang. You have an emotional side to you which many people are oblivious to, yet you know your way and path.

    Nobody want's to mess with Rosa!

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  7. Quiz result

    Detective- Hitchcock & Scully,

    You are a Detective!

    Hitchcock and Scully are two peas in a pod and both of them are the best friends forever goals. You have been the coolest person and now all you live is carefree life and don't care about what anyone has to say.

    You love a good meal and a good sleep, you know how to delegate (not) do any work and yet enjoy your life in your own terms. You love the people around you even though they despise your way of life, you don't care!

    You are important!

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  8. Quiz result

    Gina Linetti

    You are Gina: famous internet star/ex administrator!

    Who doesn't want to be Gina? You are everything funny and sarcastic, your taste doesn't match that of your colleagues.

    You love to brag about everything in your life and prank people for a good laugh. Your confidence and optimistic approach to life is inspiring to the people around you. As gina not only you know how to get your work done but also know how to make everyone fall for your crazy antics. You are unapologetically honest and loyal to people around you

    You are ambitious and self-reliant, and won't settle for anything less.

    We all love a Savage Gina!

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