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    Lisbon Street Tattoos Are Here To Preserve Its Iconic Sidewalks In the vibrant city of Lisbon, where the spirit of Portuguese culture dances upon the cobbled streets, a bold and artistic initiative has taken root with […]

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  • A baby Pomeranian and little Shih-tzus are absolute delights, but there is an undeniable charm in larger dogs. Be it German Shepherds, Akita Inus or Golden Retrievers, we feel incredibly safe with bodyguard dogs. […]

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    Ai-Da robot is the world’s first Artificial Intelligence enabled ultra-realistic humanoid artist who is capable of creating paintings with a level of steadiness, creativity and notions that most painters c […]

  • Earlier this month, Bella Hadid walked the runway for Coperni, the Parisian brand that has already made its statement in the world of fashion accessories. But as Hadid appeared from backstage, all she wore was a […]

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    If there is something that everyone would agree with, it is that our love for food is what connects us. There would always be some foods or recipes from around the world that we wish to try at least in our lives. […]

  • Sociologists agree that the individual is the unit of society, yet few sparse societies and communities honor this individuality. Some say that you only exist when someone knows of you, thinks of you, In all the […]

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    When it comes to exercising to stay fit and healthy, you gotta believe that all your excuses are lies. When you are planning a vacation or business trip, it may seem like finding the right time and space for […]

  • It is no news that the younger generations frown upon hustle culture. What was once in vogue is slowly losing its grip over humanity due to the very fact that it has ended up being meaning overworking and […]

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    There is much for anime fans to be excited about with the enthralling Demon Slayer coming out with the third season. This show is based on the best-selling manga of the same name and is loved by all anime […]

  • Those who love Super Mario Maker know that there is a practically impossible level in the game, not open to players yet. But on September 30 of this year came the news of Trials of Death finally dealt with. After […]

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    As you celebrate Halloween this year, it will be a great idea to include your pet in the fun. Getting your dog, cat or bunny dressed in a coordinating Halloween costume is always a look-and-feel cute, but you […]

  • The first thing that comes to your mind when you think of chillies and peppers is ah, spicy! Peppers also have pretty common colors – reds, greens, yellows, maybe some orange specs here and there. However, t […]

  • We grew up watching cartoons and reading comics but never thought twice about the disproportionate features of our favorite characters. Who needed characters with perfectly symmetrical faces, consistent eyes and […]

  • Why we love cheese is not unclear. The salty goodness has a dopamine effect on our brains. Not that we are complaining. To tell you just how serious this love for cheese is, consider this: many drugs also release […]

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