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  • How cool is it to learn while you play! You can’t just totally agree to the fact that videogames only  do harm to you and are not good. Well it is not always the same story. Here are some video games that are […]

  • Ever heard of people who catch bears when they are cubs and raise them like a member of their family? This practice is most familiar to the Ainu tribe. The Ainu are indigenous people of Japan. The tribe has a […]

  • Fireworks are one of the most spectacular shows that most of us would love to see. While we have man-made fireworks we also have nature’s own fireworks too. These Nature’s fireworks are present all around the […]

  • This famous music by the musician Vladimir Cauchemar, hit the internet in 2017. The music is attention seeking but the video of the music is more attractive. The video depicts a disturbed man with his flute […]

  • When New Year is round the corner, so are the weirdest New Year traditions around the globe. From breaking plates to spending time in a cemetery and stuffing your mouth with grapes. Here are some bizarre […]

  • The mosque-cathedral in Cordoba, Spain which is commonly known as ‘Cathedral of our lady of assumption’. Earlier a Visigothic church, the Basilica of St Vincent of Saragossa stood in the place which was […]

  • Osaka Theme Park adds one more precious gem to their crown through the much-awaited opening of the Nintendo world with AR Mario kart, a roller coaster. This is going to be a ‘can’t wait’ situation for all the […]