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  • Creative people understand the natural urge of storytelling better than anybody else. It’s a universal truth — and not just among authors. Storytelling creates important relationships, and nothing connects wit […]

  • The entire process of building a custom gaming PC might be a bit scary for first-timers, but that’s okay; we’ve all been there. That’s why we put up this simple guide to the best gaming PC under $500. It will […]

  • Since the dawn of technology, mobile security has been a source of concern. However, other firms, such as Apple and Blackberry, have quickly acquired popularity owing to their security and privacy features. Apple […]

  • There were not many wearable tech trends in 2020 due to the ongoing worldwide situation. This is unsurprising given that many wearable electronics products are intended to be worn when we are out and […]

  • You’ve probably heard of Clubhouse by this point. That’s because the new social media site has established its image, in part, on exclusivity. Well, exclusivity and being the audio-only app where individuals […]

  • Twitter recently unveiled a surprising revamp of its mobile and web interfaces in an attempt to maintain a recognisable appearance while improving accessibility and minimising clutter.

    If you invest enough […]

  • Facebook is adding voice to Emojis and it has compiled a collection of audio snippets that are quite entertaining to listen to.

    In July, the media platforms debuted ‘Soundmojis’, a menu of emoticons in […]

  • Wondering how to be a social media influencer?

    The evolution of the internet and social media platforms has provided marketers with exciting new ways to generate income and increase brand awareness. Social […]

  • Many car designers face the problem of how should they make their car look – whether to make it look compact and sporty or spacious and luxurious? Audi’s concept car “Skysphere” just puts an end to such conundr […]