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    Marvel has given us some of the best movies! Thanks to Stan Lee, we have several heroes to idolize. One among them that has been a household name for ages is Spiderman, and correctly so. Spiderman is one of the […]

  • We all love cute short movies or adorable frames that people use. But what if we tell you that there is a movie made out of wool frames? Well, the movie is exactly how it sounds. Yes, the frames are actually […]

  • Hogwarts is probably the only school that all of us would love to attend, even in our summer vacations. After all, who would not love to learn some magic? And not to forget the adventures that are always ready the […]

  • Hair is something that people tend to experiment with the most. After all, why not? A slight change with the cut and the whole look can be changed. Hair and hairstyle hold value when it comes to looks. That’s why […]

  • When it comes to places-to-visit-atleast-once, Japan makes everyone’s list. No matter which aspect of this country you pick up in a conversation, it will always astonish you. The Japanese culture is endearing, […]

  • If only animals could talk as well! Life would have been so much more pleasant and easy. But it’s the bond that matters, especially when it comes to the pet-human relationship. Owners tend to understand what […]

  • The fashion industry is known for many things. But the two things that stand out the most are either the trend being on top, or it being downright bizarre. The top one surely makes it to the streets, but the […]

  • Some products leave a mark on our minds. Not only because the product itself is useful, but also because the looks are very compelling. Of course, the service still is a priority that cannot be taken lightly. But […]

  • Creativity knows no bounds, but how far is that boundary for you? Well, we don’t know about others, but this Japanese cardboard artist has some crazy art skills. Her Instagram profile addresses her as Monami Ohno […]

  • Pasta is our go-to meal for nearly every occasion. Recipes and spin-offs offer the liberty to experiment, and almost never fail. Available in so many shapes, textures and sizes, pasta is clearly as flexible as it […]

  • How different do you think society would have been if there was no concept of clothing? It’s safe to say that the answer will be ‘extremely different’. In fact, the whole way of living would have been kinda upsid […]

  • Glass Gem corn looks unreal at first glance. Why would a corn on a cob have colorful gems on it? But this rainbow corn made an internet sensation nearly a decade back and since then has maintained its reputation. […]

  • Artists and their art will never fail to amaze us. Some of them create such incredible pieces that we are left bewildered. A peculiar example of such an artist who is leaving us with a dropped jaw and a […]

  • Employees with four legs are, hands down, the most interesting ones. Probably the ones that get the most attention from all the customers. Be it a hospital, a library, or a homestay, the fact that a furry staff […]

  • There are many genres when it comes to the entertainment industry. But the one that stands out the most for numerous reasons is surely the sci-fi genre. This genre is full of some of the best pieces one can ever […]

  • Creating a new make-up look for every occasion can be taxing. Trying something different for something special comes with its risks. On the other hand, relying on the same look for every outing is not a smart […]

  • Sometimes, it feels like social media is actually a time machine. No, hear us out. Have you noticed how easy it is to lose track of time when you are scrolling through any social media platform? Things just don’t […]

  • Travel alert! Are you planning a trip recently? Well, guess what? This article bumping into you is actually a sign from the universe for you to finally pay a visit to the beautiful country of Sri Lanka. This […]

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