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  • With the rising demand for the creatives in the industry, the work load on the designer is rising on a daily basis. The one challenge in this field of work is that most of the designers have a work from home job. […]

  • While we all have mixed opinions about fruits, some love them and some eat them just for the sake of its health benefits. This article is going to talk about natural beauty hacks and benefits of fruits but not […]

  • With summer around the corner even though I am all set for pool parties and the cool drinks the one thing that I can never get used to are sunburns! I mean the red patches on the skin are just too disturbing both […]

  • What is the one thing that comes to your mind when someone asks ‘Hey, can you suggest a place I can take my kids to?” Disney World? Yeah well, I am here to change that for you and make sure that you know that the […]

  • Hello beautiful! Looking for some fashion advice on spring accessories? Well well well, guess who is in the right place! But first I want you to believe in your beautiful self, promise me to pair these […]

  • How monotonous do you think dots are? Extremely right? What if I tell you these dots can create something breathtaking? Don’t believe me right? Neither did I until I watched this video!

    What are you […]

  • We all love travelling and we have been through that conversation a million times! What else do we love? To look good while we travel! But this is not as easy as this sounds because sometimes we are completely […]

  • You must have heard the phrase, “rock-solid” or “as stiff as a rock”. Be prepared for your perception about the rock’s stiffness change after reading this article. Don’t worry, this is not some boring science rel […]

  • How gorgeous do you think Paris is? The cafes, the lights, the culture and oh! the wine! However, have you ever imagined how this city of love would have been in the 1920’s? The culture, the food, the dressing […]

  • While over packing gets us paying at the airport, the price of not eating right is often overlooked. I get the entire travel vibe, I honestly do! But the one issue that I face is with the food. Being the health […]

  • Are you someone who has an eye for aesthetic colours and pretty lighting? Someone who stops and stares at well-made design? Someone who notices the good in a design and points out at what could be better? […]

  • They say what food brings to your soul, Sisyphus brings to your eyes. Inside this table, a ball rolls through sand all throughout. watching this is nothing short of a meditative experience. See for […]

  • We love food, we love cute little animals! But do we love their coexistence? Yes, you got it right! I am talking about animal cafes! While I am sure most of you have heard about or even been to a few dog cafes, […]

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    • Beyonce is a slay queen and that my friends is a universal fact! While she can pull off anything to everything, there are some of her magazine cover looks that are my personal favourite! So what are you waiting […]

    • It is not easy being a graphic designer. There are so many things that you have to keep in mind! However, one very important element in order to make your design look aesthetic and at its best is the font style […]

    • Art takes in and absorbs all shapes and sizes. But to put everything into one frame requires the touch of the artist’s hands. From a kid who loved creating new things, to an artist whose paint, brush, and canvas […]

    • Who doesn’t love grapes? For me, it has become my comfort pops. While I always knew that grapes are used to dye I had never seen such an elaborate and aesthetic video on dying a dress.

      This video is […]

    • Aww! You have such a puppy face! How many times have you heard someone use this phrase? Quite a lot, right? Now try this, “ Hey, you look just like a cat!” Nah? Not so common? Well, this artist would beg to dif […]

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