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  • All of us dream of having stylish and trendy footwear in our closet. Be it square toe heels, wedges, or even white sneakers – we can’t get enough of our favorite footwear.  And this is especially the case in su […]

  • Music is one of the most beautiful blessings that humans have received. It has the power to change the world. Well! Every music that is ever created deserves appreciation but still, there are a few songs that […]

  • I’m sure that you’ve made the mistake of not taking a jacket on an airplane because you are going to a warm place. But, the journey while you’re on a plane feels like you’re flying in the Arctic pole because […]

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    Tell us, what comes to your mind when you think of desserts? I am sure that it’s chocolates, cakes, ice creams, right? Well, there are some countries that take their unique desserts to another level. […]

  • Surabhi Srivastava wrote a new post 3 years ago

    Loved Jujutsu Kaisen? Well, who doesn’t? This is why we are here to suggest an amazing list of anime like it!. These anime have brilliant plots with a lot of mind-blowing twists. Enjoy these 7 anime like J […]

  • Surabhi Srivastava wrote a new post 3 years ago

    Backpack purses have become increasingly popular in just a few years. Women love to carry it everywhere and are replacing their traditional handbags with these chic, comfortable, and cute backpacks.

    If you are […]

  • Surabhi Srivastava wrote a new post 3 years ago

    Our 20s feel like a roller coaster — we laugh, we cry, and we learn. It is the time when we figure out the blueprint for life. 20 is an age where the uncertainty and heartaches of life teach you important l […]

  • Pugs are the cutest pet to have. But these little monsters are way too moody. They will cuddle with you, play with you but when they are in a mood, they will scream continuously and can even fail an opera singer. […]

  • Have you ever visit Dubai’s Love Lake? Located in Al Qudra Oasis, this beautiful lake is the best spot for sunsets and barbeque.

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  • We bet you have never seen an electrified gourd. In this video, a man is electrifying a gourd and the results are just amazing. This pattern looks like tree banches spreading instantly.

  • Many people are very good at beatboxing but this man is a pro. No one beat this man in beatboxing, not even the real instruments.

    Watch this man beatboxing like a pro and enjoy!

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  • Deep oceans never fail to amaze but, all the species that live underwater are filled with surprises and still many are yet to be discovered. Meet this beautiful translucent squid which is so hard to spot even in […]

  • Some brands have very unique Icons that stay in our minds forever, but some slip out instantly. Let’s see how many brand icons you remember. Take this quiz to test your knowledge about the brand and its […]

  • We all wanted to learn guitar at some point. Some of us learned to play while some just wanted it to show off. But this man took guitar way too seriously. A YouTuber Ichika Nito plays guitar on 14 strings. […]

  • Uno is our favorite game, right? But wonder how it would look or act like if it was an anime? Don’t get confused. Watch this video of the anime version of Uno. You won’t regret it!

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  • Growing up with video games brings a certain nostalgia. There have been many debates over which console is the best one. Lets end this argument through this poll. Take this poll and tell us which console marked […]

  • Artists create art from anything. They have the power to transform anything into an amazing masterpiece. But, we bet you’ve never ever thought of art made from burger grease.

    This artist here is making The […]

  • On January 20, Guofei General Aviation Equipment Manufacturing held a fire drill in Dazu, Chongqing. Combining the characteristics of high-rise firefighting in Chongqing, they used six high-rise fire fighting […]

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