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  • Discovery Plus offers a wide variety of content but the crime shows and series always have a huge fan following. Most of these criminal documentaries focus on the real crimes that shook the world, and these can […]

  • We bet almost all of us can feel our hearts melt whenever we see dogs smiling. But do dogs really smile? It’s very easy to get confused between their grins and smiles, and scientists say they haven’t even found […]

  • The debate of Marvel vs. DC is not something new and it wouldn’t end anytime soon, either. But both of these universes have their own uniqueness, strengths and similarities as well. Things would be easier if both […]

  • To visit Prague is to get drenched in culture. The Czech capital has an abundance of everything to offer – from music and food to museums and buildings; Prague is a city that has walked out of a fairytale to g […]

  • The Resident is the most accurate medical drama that has ever premiered. It focuses on the medical industry without fictionalizing any medical conditions. This series will hold your attention till the end of it’s […]

  • Okay, we might sound frivolous, but we have to say it. You need to add some pieces to your closet in every season. And come fall, the season of the cozies, the months of comfort, our wardrobes are slathered with […]

  • Ubuntu is often described as humanism from the African perspective. I am, because we are is the basic principle of this philosophy, which exudes that our sense of self is shaped by the relationships we share with […]

  • That one nap you take after a heavy meal. Or the one after school or college, where you just want to sleep for an hour before you do school work? Or just simply have a nap in the afternoons because they help you? […]

  • There are three kinds of salt lakes in the world: carbonate, chloride and sulfate based. The famous Dead Sea and the Great Salt Lake in Utah are chloride lakes, whereas Yuncheng Lake is a sulfate lake. The Ciechi […]

  • Every single one of us would love to watch movies and play games on a larger screen than the 6-inch average of what our mobile phones offer. Screen mirroring amplifies any experience, offering us the best […]

  • If you have been active in the world of gaming, you would have definitely heard about DCS World. It has been gaining popularity and fame for a while now. Players love it for the graphics and effects; the […]

  • The history of eyelash extensions goes as far back as 3500 B.C. Back then, eyelashes were used for symbolism and not as a beauty enhancer like today. Ex.tensions have been a part of people’s daily life long […]

  • Bender Bending Rodríguez is one of the lead characters in the animated television series Futurama. He's extremely funny, and is often described as “alcoholic, whore-mongering, chain-smoking gambler” by other […]

  • One thing we grasped quickly as we stepped into the world of social media was believing. But now, with what’s happening in China, we’re not sure whether we could ever believe what our eyes see! The trend of per […]

  • Sweet Home is an apocalyptic horror K-drama in which people start to turn into monsters, Hyun Soo and the other residents try to survive. The entire show keeps you in full suspense, always on your toes, owing to […]

  • As kids, all of us were fascinated by animal sounds and played around goofily by imitating them. But that doesn’t mean we still don’t get fascinated by them. The world of animals is so vast that every little […]

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