7 European Crime Drama Shows To Watch On Netflix

If you are interested in watching some of the best TV shows in the world, then you should inevitably consider some of the best European crime drama. Many of the Netflix original and licensed European shows in the genre have been churning out at an alarming rate. Whether you are into gritty, Nordic-noir or mind-bending German sci-fi or slightly sunnier dramas, here are our suggestions for European crime drama series to watch on Netflix right now.

Dogs of Berlin

7 European Crime Drama Shows To Watch On Netflix

The German series created by Christian Alvart follows two police officers who investigate the murder of the fictional German-Turkish soccer player Orkan Erdem. Erol Birkan (Fahri Yardim) is a by-the-book police type of Turkish origin and Kurt Grimmer (Felix Kramer) a corrupt cop who has underworld connections that more the case in controversy. The grim ‘n’ gritty crime series combines Neo-Nazis, the Lebanese mob, Turkish nationalists, soccer hooligans and the Berlin mafia. The show which is described by Netflix as violent, gritty and dark is unapologetically macho, with football and violence.


7 European Crime Drama Shows To Watch On Netflix

The German series directed by Philipp Kadelbach is a must-watch series after finishing Dark. The show is based on Patrick Süskind’s novel of the same name and Tom Tykwer’s 2006 film Perfume: The Story of a Murderer but is set in the modern-day. The story focuses on the brutal murder of a singer with her scent glands excised from her body. The detectives Nadja Simon and Matthias Köhler and prosecutor Grünberg, with whom Nadja has an affair probe a group of friends who attended boarding school with her as they had experimented with human scents after reading Suskind’s novel during their boarding school days. Perfume is exceptional like many other German shows and has twists that leave you scratching your head in agony.


7 European Crime Drama Shows To Watch On Netflix

The Spanish crime drama series created by Verónica Fernández is a feast for Peaky Blinders fans with its tense, gripping and dramatic scenes. Hache is a grown-up and highly involving drama set in the world of drug trafficking in Barcelona of the 60s. The story follows two central characters, drug kingpin Malpica (Javier Rey) and Helena (Adriana Ugarte). Helena gains the love and trust of Malpica, drug lord of a dangerous heroin cartel, and she hones the skills to rise the ranks.

Toy Boy

7 European Crime Drama Shows To Watch On Netflix

The Spanish drama produced by Atresmedia and Plano a Plano follows four male strippers nicknamed “toy boys” who work in the affluent, seaside vacation city of Marbella, Spain. The show focuses on the main character a young, handsome and carefree stripper, Hugo Beltrán who is jailed for a murder he didn’t commit. After seven years in a Malaga prison, he is released pending a retrial. He sets out to prove that his lover, a mature and powerful woman with whom he maintained a steamy high-voltage sexual relationship framed him for her husband’s murder. The addictive murder mystery plotline, glamorous beach town setting and the eye candy of its four stars made the show a cult favourite.


7 European Crime Drama Shows To Watch On Netflix

The Austrian-German crime series created by Marvin Kren re-imagines the life of a hungry young Sigmund Freud who is eager to make his name in 19th century Vienna. As his professional reputation and engagement to his beloved Martha is at stake he finds distraction by accompanying his friend Arthur Schnitzler to cocaine-fueled nights with Vienna’s high society. The same society is shaken by a series of mysterious murders, which are causing a stir – even in the upper echelons of political circles. Freud joins a fragile medium Fleur Salomé (Ella Rumpf) and traumatized war veteran and police inspector Alfred Kiss (Georg Friedrich) to expose the masterminds behind a string of mysterious crimes.

How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)

7 European Crime Drama Shows To Watch On Netflix

The German coming-of-age comedy-drama series directed by Arne Feldhusen and Lars Montag is a relatively short series that puts a comical spin on the illegal drug business. The show is hilarious, engrossing, and interesting and doesn’t take itself too seriously, which is good entertainment. The show has a simple plot that follows Moritz, a nerdy high school student who wants the love of his life back after she breaks up with him. He along with his best friend Lenny starts selling ecstasy online in the comfort of his bedroom in order to regain her affections and they become Europe’s biggest dealers.

Money Heist

7 European Crime Drama Shows To Watch On Netflix

This Spanish action crime mystery series premiered in 2017 is currently the most essential and anticipated show on Netflix. The story follows a group of robbers assigned with the task of stealing buildings by occupying them, on behalf of a nameless boss, the Professor. The series has similarities with films Ocean’s Eleven (2001) and Baby Driver (2017) but has established a prime space among global fan-base by now. When asked about the forthcomings of the series creator Alex Pina said that “Someone knows there will be a fifth season, but we don’t.”

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