10 Dynamic TV Shows About The FBI To Stream Tonight

Crime is a genre that has a special place in everyone’s binge-watching preference. A good crime-thriller will never fail to keep you on the edge of your seat while getting you thrilled to find out the perpetrator or know how the crime-solvers work. FBI has been a favorite theme amongst creators for its grander crimes and diversified involvement of government organizations. With the FBI as a subject in the crime thrillers, you will get to experience a vast number of crimes such as kidnappings to terrorism and forgery. While involvement in the CIA can make it more of a spy thriller, the FBI is the factor that keeps you hooked on the balanced elements. For those interested in watching the best of FBI-inclined crime shows, here are the best TV shows about the FBI on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.


10 Dynamic TV Shows About The FBI To Watch ASAP

The show based on the book of the same name and characters inspired by real-life people is the best in recent years, as it portrays what many other shows don’t. Mindhunter is more than a crime thriller, as it revolves more around the mental machinations of the criminal as well as the individual lives of other characters. The show doesn’t involve anything superficial nor much bloodshed but explores the politics inside the FBI and how they get things done. The show stands out with the strong performances that keep you thrilled.

The FBI Files

10 Dynamic TV Shows About The FBI To Watch ASAP

What makes ‘The FBI Files’ different from other crime TV shows about the FBI is that it derives inspiration from real cases that the FBI worked on. While other shows in the genre keep characters busy with their own crimes and cases ‘The FBI Files’ takes actual cases of the FBI and portrays them with actors and made-up sets. This show is a must-watch as it pays great attention to detail to authentically capture the inner workings of the Bureau.

The FBI 

10 Dynamic TV Shows About The FBI To Watch ASAP

Similar to ‘The FBI Files’, The FBI is a show that involves real cases of the FBI in its storyline and those who already watched Mindhunter will get to hear many familiar names in this. While “The FBI Files” was more of a documentary drama, the storytelling style of ‘The FBI’ is more like ‘Mindhunter.’ Ex-FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover served as a consultant for this show, which helped immensely in adding to the authenticity.

White Collar

10 Dynamic TV Shows About The FBI To Watch ASAP

White Collar is one of the best TV shows about the FBI for its intelligent, exciting, humorous and beautiful storytelling. The show, which starts off with the mantra that “it takes a thief to catch a thief”, revolves around Neal Caffery, a conman who evades capture until FBI agent Peter Burke traps him after a long time. Peter has to face many challenges in capturing Neal in one place until Neal makes a deal with him after realizing that someday he will be in the hands of the law. Neal demands to set him free in return for helping to catch criminals like him, becoming an FBI asset and developing a complicated friendship with Burke. 

The Blacklist

10 Dynamic TV Shows About The FBI To Watch ASAP

The exciting plot twists and the gripping storyline make ‘The Blacklist’ an intelligent show. The classic and eccentric character of the US Navy officer, Raymond “Red” Reddington by James Spader adds the most charm to the show. The series takes a leap as something in Red’s life changed everything which made him a miscreant and later rose to the ranks of the most-wanted list of criminals. He surrenders to the FBI one day after evading capture for so long and offers to help catch some very high-profile criminals unknown to them. 

Criminal Minds

10 Dynamic TV Shows About The FBI To Watch ASAP

This 15-season ‘Criminal Minds’ is the longest-running crime show, with the final season premiering on January 8, 2020. Well-earning its constant renewals, the series revolves around a group of profilers at the FBI’s special Behavioral Analysis Unit who study previous crimes on the basis of their deductions. They catch criminals by predicting the next move they might take.


Premiered in 2005, ‘Bones’ is a crime drama that brought something new in the genre. The show focuses on the working relationship of the FBI with the Smithsonian Institution. Seeley Booth, an FBI Special Agent collaborates with Dr. Temperance Brenner, a forensic anthropologist who was the team leader at the Jeffersonian Institute Medico-Legal Lab. Booth tracked down the criminals using the scientific insights that Brenner provided into the case. 


‘Perception’ revolves around a genius neuropsychiatrist, Dr. Daniel Pierce whose talent comes at a cost. He experiences severe hallucinations as he suffers from paranoid schizophrenia, but his best friend advises him through his difficulties. The hallucinations give him the ability to give more attention to minute things that otherwise go unnoticed. This helps him to help his former student to solve some complex cases for the FBI.


10 Dynamic TV Shows About The FBI To Watch ASAP

Dr. Samantha Walker, a forensic psychologist working as a profiler for the FBI’s Violent Crimes Task Force helps catch criminals who would otherwise get away with heinous crimes. This is possible because of her special insight into the minds of criminals. Her real motive for joining the FBI gets revealed as she excels at her work: she is employing the resources at her disposal to catch the serial killer who had murdered her husband.


‘Blindspot’ is a crime show about a woman who is found inside a duffel bag in Times Square, but doesn’t remember anything about her own past. Jane Doe’s entire  body has been tattooed, and one of them mentions an FBI Special Agent’a name. The FBI Special Agent Kurt Weller also doesn’t seem to know her, but they soon find out that these tattoos are clues to the crimes that the FBI will have to solve.

These are the best TV shows about the FBI to stream right now. Even though all of these titles revolve around the FBI, they are thematically diverse and reveal facets of the bureau that we didn’t previously know. 

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