Can German Shepherd Dogs Thrive In Hot Areas?

German Shepherds are one of the most popular dog breeds on the planet. They have a menacing wolf-like appearance. These dogs are so devoted to their owners that they can easily risk their lives for them. They are amongst the strongest dog breeds, too. German Shepherds can grow upto 24 to 26 inches in height. Despite their big size, they are cute and friendly dogs.

can german shepherds tolerate hot weather?

The breed is also known as Alsatian due to its origin.

Aslatians are intelligent dogs and can prove to be excellent  guardians. If you are a dog person, this is a dog you surely want to adopt! German Shepherds are very active and highly energetic, which means you will have a partner when you want to work out, and an inspiration when you are feeling too lazy.  Because of their intelligent and obedient nature, they are preferred as working dogs. .  

These dogs, when considered as pets come with one glaring question: can German shepherds tolerate hot weather?

can german shepherds tolerate hot weather?

German Shepherd is a breed which adapts itself very easily.

Whether it is an extremely hot climate or cold, they can adapt to the temperature easily with a little bit of attention.

If the weather is hot, your dog might feel a little fuzzy. In that case, you have to keep him/her in an air conditioned room so that (s)he can feel comfortable.

You can amp up the comfort level by feeding your doggo cold foods, like yoghurt or curd.  .mm. Even when you keep your dog inside your air-conditiones house, make sure to walk it around in the evening or early morning when the weather is cooler.

The breed comes in different coat sizes, so if you do live somewhere with year-round hot and humid climate, consider the single-coat or short-coat shepherds. They can bear hot climate better than the long-coat and double-coat ones.

However, if your place has only a summer season, then you can go for any coat type according to your choice. You just need to give extra care during the summer season to your canine friend. 

can german shepherds tolerate hot weather?

Having a German Shepherd as a pet is a fulfilling experience. You get a protector without having to train him/her too much. Because they are especially friendly, you are not going to feel lonely when you come home after a tiring day. This happy face will make you forget all of your worries. It’s a dog worth adopting. 🙂

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