How To Dress Your Pet Safely This Halloween

As you celebrate Halloween this year, it will be a great idea to include your pet in the fun. Getting your dog, cat or bunny dressed in a coordinating Halloween costume is always a look-and-feel cute, but you need to make sure that they stay comfortable. There are chances that your pet might not like its Halloween costume because it’s uncomfy, and some can be even hazardous for your buddy. Taking this into consideration, it is crucial to follow certain tips to ensure that your pet baby is enjoying Halloween. Here’s how to dress your pet safely and ensure utmost enjoyment.

Make sure it doesn’t limit movement

How To Dress Your Pet For Halloween Safely

While getting a Halloween costume for your furry friend, you need to make sure that it is safe and doesn’t affect their movement. As you include your pet in the festivities, ensure that the dress doesn’t cause trouble in walking, barking, meowing, seeing and hearing.

Ensure the costume uses kind materials

How To Dress Your Pet For Halloween Safely

So you found the perfect costume, but will it be as kind to your pet as you are? Be mindful, because animals can be sensitive and allergic to many materials, and are likely to chew and swallow things. Make sure that their Halloween costume isn’t made of any toxic materials, and also avoid small accessories on the dress.

Limit usage of masks or shoes

How To Dress Your Pet For Halloween Safely

A perfectly dressed pet is everyone’s dream, but so is a happy pet. Avoid using the masks or shoes included in your pet’s Halloween costume unless they are already adapted to using it. Wearing accessories all of a sudden causes discomfort and even hinder their breathing.

Get your pet used to the costume

How To Dress Your Pet For Halloween Safely

Make sure that your furry friends get used to wearing the dress before Halloween day. You can help them adapt to the costume by making it a happy and positive experience, remanding them with rubs and treats.

Allow your pet to sniff the costume

How To Dress Your Pet For Halloween Safely

You have to make sure that your pet gets the chance to get familiar with the costume before wearing it. Let your buddy sniff and pet the costume so that it will smell like them.

Pay attention to their body language

How To Dress Your Pet For Halloween Safely

While learning how to dress your pet, take their body language into consideration. They can be communicating how they feel in the costume, so if you see anything unusual in their body language, refrain from making them wear it. Remember, the goal is to have a pet who feels safe. Everything else comes later.

Persuade them through treats

How To Dress Your Pet For Halloween Safely

Some dogs and cats are likely to freeze when you put costumes on them. Getting around with treats or a feather toy while putting on the dress helps to let them know that they can be comfortable while wearing the outfit.

Ensure they are comfortable with your costume

When it comes to Halloween costumes, keep in mind that pets can get scared of your costume too. While you put on their dress, wear yours as well, so your pet can understand that you both are playing dress up.. This way you can make sure that they are relaxed and safe during the festivities.

Avoid forcing the costumes

Wearing a costume can be totally miserable for some dogs and cats. Avoid forcing them in the costume if you are not sure whether they are comfortable in it. You won’t be able to enjoy the Halloween festivities if your baby is not comfortable and happy.

Look for costume alternatives

If you feel like your furry is stressed while wearing the Halloween outfit, you can go for costume alternatives such as non-toxic temporary tattoos, pet-friendly styling gel, colorful feathers,  pet-safe nail polish, bandanas and more.

These 10 tips will help you make sure that your furry friends are ready to celebrate Halloween with you. Go on and pick their costumes and costume alternatives!

Now you know how to dress your pet safely for the spooky fest. But how can you make kids happy? Skip Halloween candies and opt for these 20 cool alternatives!

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