What If A Nile Crocodile Swallows You?

For centuries, the proof of a warrior’s strength has been determined by if he could crawl his way out of a crocodile’s stomach. Truth be told, we wouldn’t count on it. Being swallowed by a giant crocodile, especially the Nile crocodile that can grow up to 20 feet and weigh 1000 kilos seems like the end of the deal. The mind, however, needs an answer. What happens if a crocodile swallows you? Can you survive in a crocodile’s stomach? Is there any hope after a crocodile eats you? And we are here to answer. Let’s try to understand what exactly happens once a crocodile grabs you. 

What If A Nile Crocodile Swallows You?
via Wikimedia Commons/Tim Muttoo

You will most likely encounter a Nile crocodile in sub-Saharan Africa or Florida. The game begins when the crocodile starts stalking you, waiting for you to be vulnerable enough for it to attack. You might not be able to spot it, but if you do, make no sound, step back, and run in a straight line as fast as you can, because these crocs can run faster than us. If you did not spot it, however, the crocodile will chomp off your leg by putting a pressure of nearly 3,000 kilos. But remember, it’s better to lose a limb than lose life. Once you’re amputated, it will drag you to the waters and put you in a death fight. Do not stop fighting, and always aim for the eyes. Crocodiles have vulnerable eyes, and if you’re able to poke them, you might still have a chance. But if you couldn’t go for the eyes, it’s most probably because you passed out from the debilitating pain. Now the crocodile will most probably swallow you whole, although it might enjoy chopping you off first. 

What If A Nile Crocodile Swallows You?
via Wikimedia Commons/Bernard DUPONT

Once you’re in the stomach, it’s game over, unless someone saw the attack and decided to cut the crocodile in two ASAP. But that’s not probable. It’s always weird to wonder that something could swallow you whole. How will a crocodile break you down? How will it digest you? In truth, a crocodile actually can digest you. This is because these reptiles eat stones. Yes, the rocks help their food break down, and the rocks break down too. Crocodiles have the strongest gastric acids in the world that are secreted 10 times faster than by any other animal. This means that not only rocks, but your bones can also be digested by crocs!

We will not go into the details of what happens in a crocodile’s stomach after it swallows you.

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But it is nearly impossible for a Nile crocodile to digest you completely in one day, or even pne week. The last parts of you will take a few weeks – up to a month – to digest. And then a few days to be pooped out. 

This is why it’s necessary to avoid crocodile attacks. While crocodiles need love just like other animals, we will not recommend a face-to-face get together. 

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