Do You Really Need A Mouse For Gaming?

Alright, hear me out comrades. It’s been close to a month of working from home and I’ve never hated my laptop’s touchpad more. It feels clumsy, I think it slows me down and it sucks out the Superman zest from me. And I don’t even have that many deadlines to meet. If only I had the good ‘ol mouse to glide through work on my screen. 

For all of us out there who are busy shooting opponents, unlocking treasures and passing tricky levels, do we need a gaming mouse then?

It’s all about the moves

Moving your way through those complicated virtual gameplay arenas is trickier than it seems to the outsiders. For those who’ve been gaming for a while, it’s all a matter of life and death. Quite literally. Where does a mouse come in then?

Gives you more control

The gaming mouses are built to win. With increased sensitivity, and precision, these mouses are built to catch the slightest press or movement – quite the crucial feature when it comes to playing on your last life remaining in the game right? Doesn’t matter if it’s wired or not. The gaming mouse just gifts you with more control, at your beck and call. Well, of your fingertips and palm actually. 

Build it your way

There’s the option to easily get a mouse that suits your requirements. And those of your gameplay. With umpteen buttons, sensitivity and sometimes, software options, the gaming mouse comes in with more than two buttons and a scroll wheel. Some have adjustable weight to choose from, some have choice with respect to the material of the device itself. Buttons on the side, buttons on top. I’m exhausted just by talking about it.

Sexy, and it knows it

Each gaming mouse comes with its own USB. Some for its looks, some for its add-ons. But mostly, for the ergonomics that are to die for. a lot better than the alternatives. But more than the looks of it, you must realise that gaming isn’t an easy thing. No, gaming is no more a hobby for most of you gamers, right? With professional gaming, it’s easy to get your eyes strained, back fatigues and arms aching. With the right mouse design, half of these problems are solved. 

The internet will throw at you even more reasons to get a gaming mouse. But to top it all, you’ll have plenty of professional gamers out there who’ll tell you exactly why you need a gaming mouse. And with our own stamp of approval, here are top 5 gaming mouses with their own USB feature!

SteelSeries Rival 710

SteelSeries Rival 710

First thing first, this one comes with a hefty price tag. But going by reviews, it should be worth the monies given its performance. With a customizable OLED display, rock solid build quality amongst other features, this should be quite the pick for the pro gamers. 

Corsair Ironclaw RGB

Corsair Ironclaw RGB

Apparently wireless mice are quite the party poopers when it comes to gaming. For their latency. But Corsair scores in its company of esteemed mice, in spite of being wireless.With solid software and customizable RGB lighting, this one is quite the catch. 

Logitech G502 Lightspeed

Logitech G502 Lightspeed Gaming Mouse

This guy (or girl) topped quite some lists online for gaming mice. And a feature often talked about in the descriptions was the quick release button on the mouse. It allows you to freely sail to the bottom of a long page. Meh? Not really when you want to scroll through a heated game. But we’re just speaking of one of the other fab features on this best seller.

SteelSeries Sensei Ten

SteelSeries Sensei Ten Gaming Mouse

You know how as left-hand users we all struggled with school benches? This mouse feels the pain. Use it with any hand you’d want to, that too with a nice matte finish to feel up. Got great acceleration and deceleration option, along with a tilt tracking feature that keeps note of when the mouse is lifted and when it’s placed back down.

Razer Naga Trinity

Razer Naga Trinity

Small. Comfortable. Handy. Too sad I can’t go overboard with the slangs here, but this is quite the steal. With a high quality sensor, interchangeable thumb grips and more than a mere selection for button arrays. Online reviews speak volumes of how comfortable the mouse is to the grip. But gimme a second before I move on from how gorgeous it looks.

Got the mouse, but confused about the games? We got you!

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